CCSE - Certified Security Expert R81.1 (CCSE)

Advanced three-day course teaches how to build, modify, deploy and troubleshoot the R81.10 Check Point Security Systems on the GAiA operating system. Hands-on lab exercises teach how to debug firewall processes, optimize VPN performance and upgrade Management Servers.

Code: ccse

Duration: 3.0 days

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  • Provide an overview of the upgrade service and options available. 
  • Explain how to perform management upgrade and migration. 
  • Articulate the process using CPUSE features. 
  • Articulate the purpose and function of Management High Availability. 
  • Explain Primary vs Secondary, Active vs Standby and Synchronization. 
  • Explain disaster recovery steps in case the primary management server becomes unavailable. 
  • Provide overview of Central Deployment in SmartConsole. 
  • Articulate an understanding of Security Gateway cluster upgrade methods. 
  • Explain about Multi Version Cluster (MVC) upgrades. 
  • Discuss Gaia Commands and how they are used. 
  • Explain the main processes on s and s. 
  • Describe how to work with scripts and SmartTasks to configure automatic actions. 
  • Explain the Management Data Plane Separation (MDPS) 
  • Explain kernel operations and traffic flow 
  • Articulate Dynamic and Updatable Objects in Security Gateways 
  • Explain the policy installation flow and files used. 
  • Describe the use of policy installation history. 
  • Explain concurrent and accelerated install policy. 
  • Describe an overview of APIs and ways to use and authenticate. 
  • Explain how to make changes in GAIA and management configuration. 
  • Explain how to install policy using API. 
  • Explain how the SecureXL acceleration technology enhances and optimizes Security Gateway performance. 
  • Describe how the CoreXL acceleration technology enhances and improves Security Gateway performance. 
  • Articulate how utilizing multiple traffic queues can make traffic handling more efficient. 
  • Discuss Site-to-Site VPN basics, deployment and communities. 
  • Describe how to analyze and interpret VPN tunnel traffic. 
  • Explain Link Selection and ISP Redundancy options. 
  • Explain tunnel management features. 
  • Discuss Check Point Remote Access solutions and how they differ from each other. 
  • Describe how client security can be provided by Remote Access . 
  • Explain authentication methods including machine authentication. 
  • Explain Multiple Entry Point (MEP). 
  • Discuss the Mobile Access Software Blade and how it secures communication and data exchange during remote connections. 
  • Describe Mobile Access deployment options. 
  • Discuss various features in Mobile Access like Portals, Link Translation, running Native Applications, Reverse Proxy and more. 
  • Explain basic concepts of Clustering and ClusterXL. 
  • Explain about Cluster Control Protocol (CCP) and synchronization. 
  • Describe advanced ClusterXL functions and modes like Load Sharing, Active-Active, VMAC mode etc. 
  • Discuss Cluster Correction Layer (CCL) to provide connection stickyness. 
  • Advanced Logs and Monitoring


  • Management Upgrade and Migration 
  • Management High Availability 
  • Security Gateway Upgrades 
  • Advanced Check Point Maintenance 
  • Security Gateway Operations 
  • Policy Installation 
  • Gaia and Management APIs 
  • Acceleration 
  • Site-to-Site VPN 
  • Remote Access VPN 
  • Mobile Access VPN 
  • Clustering 
  • Advanced Logs and Monitoring


Technical Professionals who architect, upgrade, maintain, and support Check Point products.


  • Security Administration Course or CCSA certification (R80 or higher) 
  • Windows Server, UNIX and networking skills and TCP/IP experience 
  • Certificate management and system administration



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  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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