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Build cloud skills at scale with AWS Skill Builder Team subscription

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Master in-demand skills
Unlimited access to 600+ digital courses
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AWS Builder Labs
Gain access to 125+ guided, self-paced labs including interactive exercises with step-by-step instructions.
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AWS Cloud Quest
Develop the expertise of key roles within your organization with game-based learning.
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AWS Jam events
Build problem-solving skills as a team with open-ended cloud challenges in events or individually.
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AWS Industry Quest
Help your teams build skills specific to your industry’s critical use cases.
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AWS Certification Exams
Give your teams the in-depth training they need to prepare for exam day.

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Key Benefits of AWS Skill Builder

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Empower Organizational Capabilities

  • Access 600+ courses, learning plans, labs, interactive training, and certification prep.
  • Assign training to reduce complexity, innovate on AWS, and meet specific business needs.

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    Get Clear Visibility

  • Built-in reports track course enrollment, progress, completion rates, and more.
  • Pre-configured dashboards highlight team progress and training consumption.
  • Analyze data online and offline, and filter by users, classes, or progress.

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    Guide and Adjust

  • Accelerate skills acquisition with assigned courses and curated learning plans.
  • Scale subscriptions as your team grows.
  • Add/remove learners easily to match evolving needs.

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    Monitor Engagement

    Track usage reports and individual/group learning progress.

    Learn by Doing with AWS Builder Labs

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    Build Your Skills
    125+ hands-on labs in essential AWS services like S3, DynamoDB, IAM, and Lambda.

    Real-World Scenarios
    Expert-designed labs covering practical use cases for immediate application.

    Zero Risk, All Reward
    Experiment safely in a sandbox environment, no actual costs or disruptions.

    Learn at Your Pace
    Self-paced, on-demand labs fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

    Interactive Experiences
    Build by doing, gain actionable knowledge you can use instantly.

    Build in-demand cloud skills with AWS Cloud Quest

    Game-Based Learning that Sticks

    Master Your Role
    Choose from Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect, Serverless Developer, and more.
    Real-World Challenges
    Solve practical problems within a gamified AWS environment.
    Hands-On Practice
    Build solutions by doing, first through guided practice, then independently.
    Track Progress & Compete
    Motivate teams with personalized paths, leaderboards, and insights dashboards.
    Earn Recognition
    Showcase achievements with official AWS digital badges upon completion.

    Play to Learn

    Cloud Practitioner
    Grasp cloud fundamentals and deepen your knowledge.

    Solutions Architect
    Design secure, reliable, and scalable AWS solutions.

    Serverless Developer
    Build modern applications with serverless technology.

    Machine Learning Specialist
    Explore AWS machine learning and AI.

    Security Specialist
    Craft secure solutions with AWS security services.

    Data Analytics Specialist
    Utilize AWS Analytics for data lakes, warehousing, and more.
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    Tackle cloud challenges with AWS Jam events and Jam Journey

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    Team Up & Conquer
    Collaborate on hands-on challenges in a sandbox environment.

    Master New Skills
    Dive into real-world scenarios across various AWS services.

    Friendly Competition
    Earn points, climb the leaderboard, and prove your cloud know-how.

    Validate Your Performance
    Apply best practices and show your skills in action.

    Motivate & Learn Together
    Build trust, creativity, and shared expertise as a team.

    Deepen expertise to create industry solutions with AWS Industry Quest

    Master Industry-Specific Solutions
    Learn, build, and implement advanced AWS solutions for your field.

    Hands-On Practice
    Apply concepts in a risk-free live AWS environment before real-world deployment.

    Real-World Challenges
    Tackle industry-specific scenarios and solve practical problems.

    Fast & Efficient
    Access curated use cases tailored to your industry, saving research time.

    Interactive & Fun
    Earn rewards, compete, and share achievements through gamified learning.
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    Validate teams' learning with exam prep for AWS Certification

    Give your teams the in-depth training they need to prepare for exam day.

    Learn from the source
    Our high-quality content is developed by AWS experts to help you ace your exam.
    Experience the course
    Our Exam Prep courses combine theory and practice, with digital training, AWS Builder Labs, and Official Practice Exams.
    Test your skills
    Our Official Practice Exams mimic the real exam, giving you feedback on every answer.

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