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You can save upto 75% on six Splunk courses for a limited time. Boost your data skills, explore the power of Splunk analytics, and unlock new opportunities. Trainocate can help you master Splunk effectively and efficiently.

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*This discount is exclusively for learners residing in India

Top Upcoming Schedules

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Advanced Power User Fast Start

Build advanced dashboards & workflows.

📆 29th May 2024 | ⌛ 3 Days

INR 2,50,000/-

INR 63,000/-

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Splunk Enterprise Data Administration

Manage data flow & infrastructure.

📆 29th May 2024 | ⌛ 3 Days

INR 1,95,000/-

INR 48,000/-

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Splunk Cloud Administration

Administer Splunk in the cloud.

📆 03rd June 2024 | ⌛ 4 Days

INR 1,70,000/-

INR 42,500/-

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Splunk Power User Fast Start

Master essential searching & reporting.

📆 04th June 2024 | ⌛ 4 Days

INR 3,40,000/-

INR 85,000/-

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Splunk Search Expert Fast Start

Become a search & data analysis pro.

📆 05th June 2024 | ⌛ 3 Days

INR 2,50,000/-

INR 63,000/-

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Splunk Enterprise System Administration

Optimize Splunk enterprise deployment.

📆 10th June 2024 | ⌛ 2 Days

INR 1,25,000/-

INR 32,000/-


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How will you benefit from being Splunk certified?

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Data Advancement
Open doors to high-demand roles in the field of data analytics.
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Enhanced Proficiency
Command higher salaries with specialized Splunk skills.
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Global Recognition
Gain credibility and recognition for your expertise in data analytics.
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Exclusive Resources
Access Splunk tools and join a network of data professionals.
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Validation of Expertise
Showcase your skills, boosting confidence and marketability.

Why Trainocate for Splunk Certification?

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  • Data Analytics Excellence: Superior training for Splunk Certification.
  • Role-Based Learning: Propel your professional growth with targeted courses in data analytics.
  • Data Fluency for Organizations: Equip your business with practical Splunk skills.
  • Expert-Led Training: Learn from seasoned professionals in the field of data analytics.
  • Celebrate Data Success: Join a global community, sharing and celebrating achievements.
  • Hands-On Learning: Acquire project-ready skills through engaging in Splunk training.

  • Get the most out of Splunk at Trainocate!

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