AI-3002 - Develop solutions with Azure AI Document Intelligence

In this learning path, discover how Azure AI Document Intelligence solutions can enable you to capture data from typed or hand-written forms. Learn how to build a solution for your custom form types and integrate that solution into an Azure Cognitive Search pipeline. You'll learn how to:

  • Design a solution that analyzes your business forms by using Azure AI Document Intelligence.
  • Create a solution that analyzes common documents by using Document Intelligence.
  • Create a solution that analyses different custom form types by using Document Intelligence.
  • Include an Azure AI Document Intelligence service as a custom skill in an Azure AI Search pipeline.

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Duration: 1.0 day

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  • Describe the components of an Azure AI Document Intelligence solution.
  • Create and connect to Azure AI Document Intelligence resources in Azure.
  • Choose whether to use a prebuilt, custom, or composed model.
  • Identify business problems that you can solve by using prebuilt models in Forms Analyzer.
  • Analyze forms by using the General Document, Read, and Layout models.
  • Analyze forms by using financial, ID, and tax prebuilt models.
  • Identify how Document intelligence's layout service, prebuilt models, and custom models can automate processes.
  • Use Document intelligence's capabilities with SDKs, REST API, and Document Intelligence Studio.
  • Develop and test custom models.
  • Describe business problems that you would use custom models and composed models to solve.
  • Train a custom model to obtain data from forms with unusual structures.
  • Create a composed model that can analyze forms in multiple formats.
  • Describe how a custom skill can enrich content passed through an Azure AI Search pipeline.
  • Build a custom skill that calls an Azure Forms Analyzer solution to obtain data from forms.


1. Plan an Azure AI Document Intelligence solution

Learn how to use Azure AI Document Intelligence to build solutions that analyze forms and output data for storage or further processing.

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2. Use prebuilt Document intelligence models

Learn what data you can analyze by choosing prebuilt Forms Analyzer models and how to deploy these models in a Document intelligence solution.

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3. Extract data from forms with Azure Document intelligence

Document intelligence uses machine learning technology to identify and extract key-value pairs and table data from form documents with accuracy, at scale. This module teaches you how to use the Azure Document intelligence cognitive service.

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4. Create a composed Document intelligence model

Learn how to assemble custom models into composed solutions that can analyze different types of your own documents.

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5. Build a Document intelligence custom skill for Azure AI search

Learn how to use an Azure Document Intelligence solution as a custom skill to enrich content in an Azure AI Search pipeline.

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Please review the prerequisites listed for each module in the course content and click on the provided links for more information.



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