CPT - Certified Penetration Tester


Duration: 5 days
Certified Penetration Tester is 5 days hands-on training and certification programme that enables the participants to handle the vulnerability assessment and penetration test for their customers. Personnel with skills in Penetration Testing will be able to assess identified networks and systems to find security vulnerabilities in line with industry best practices. They will be able to apply both technical and business techniques to conduct a penetration test, document vulnerabilities and produce comprehensive reports with recommended solutions.


  • To understand different attacks used by hackers
  • To learn how to conduct a vulnerability assessment on the network and systems
  • To learn ways to harden the network and systems thus securing the corporate network and systems
  • To prepare and submit Vulnerability Assessment & Pentest Reports


  • Introduction to Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing 
  • Information Intelligence Techniques 
  • Scanning & Vulnerability Assessment 
  • Cracking & Social Engineering 
  • Exploitation & Pentest 
  • PowerShell Exploitation 
  • Web Pentest 
  • Wireless Pentest


Security Penetration Tester


Should possess an understanding of operating systems.


CPT - Certified Penetration Tester under Global ACE Certification