AC040 - Business Processes in Management Accounting

Course Overview


  • Outline business concepts and methods involved in Management Accounting in the SAP system
  • Perform Planning and outline Integrated Planning in Management Accounting
  • Perform daily Postings in Management Accounting and make use of Integration Aspects of the Accounting Logic
  • Carry out Period End Closing in Overhead Management Accounting and Product Cost Controlling

Code: ac040

Duration: 5.0 days

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Course Objectives


Course Content

Management Accounting Overview

  • Comparing Financial Accounting and Management Accounting
  • Defining Specific Tasks of Management Accounting Components

Organizational Units and Master Data in Management Accounting

  • Identifying Organizational Units Used in Management Accounting
  • Maintaining Master Data in Overhead Management Accounting
  • Maintaining Additional Master Data in Overhead Management Accounting

Analytics in Management Accounting

  • Analyzing Financial Values in Management Accounting
  • Using Report Painter Reports
  • Using the SAP List Viewer
  • Using Drilldown Reports

Planning in Management Accounting

  • Identifying Planning and Cost Allocation Methods
  • Identifying Planning Options in Overhead Management Accounting
  • Optimizing Planning in Overhead Management Accounting

Integrated Planning Process in Management Accounting

  • Integrating Sales Planning with Overhead Management Planning
  • Integrating Overhead Management Planning with Business Plans
  • Identifying the Integrated Planning Cycle for Service Industries
  • Identifying the Integrated Planning for Profit Center Accounting
  • Integrating Activity-Based Costing

Characteristics of Accounting Logic Integration

  • Identifying Postings from Other Applications
  • Posting from Financial Accounting and SAP HCM
  • Creating Postings from Material Management
  • Posting to Statistical Orders and Real Orders

Daily Postings in Management Accounting

  • Posting Actual Costs in Overhead Management Accounting
  • Budgeting Projects and Using Execution Services
  • Analyzing Cost Object Controlling Scenarios
  • Creating and Analyzing Postings in a Make-to-Stock Environment
  • Creating and Analyzing Postings for Selling Make-to-Stock Goods
  • Creating and Analyzing Postings for Selling Services

Period-End Closing Aspects of Management Accounting

  • Performing Period-End Closing for Overhead Cost Controlling
  • Performing Periodic Cost Allocations to Product Cost Controlling
  • Performing Final Costing for Product Cost Controlling
  • Managing Profit Analysis in Management Accounting


Who Should Attend

  • Application Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Help Desk / COE Support
  • Program / Project Manager




  • Business knowledge in the area of Controlling


  • SAP01 SAP Overview
  • SAPFIN SAP ERP Financials
  • TERP20"


5Course Certifications

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Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges
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