SGF - Sourcing Governance Foundation

The Sourcing Governance Foundation course provides a basic knowledge of what the main concepts of Outsourcing and Sourcing Governance are and how they can be applied. Best practice shows that implementing and operating a Sourcing Governance Function will require staff awareness and understanding of the key principles and concepts of outsourcing and sourcing governance. In this course an interactive approach is used combining lecture, discussion and exercises.

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Duration: 3.0 days

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  • Recognize and understand the key concepts of outsourcing and sourcing Governance; 
  • Understand the changing role of the IT organization when outsourcing; 
  • Understand the challenges of implementing and operating a sourcing governance function 
  • Learn the terminology and definitions related to outsourcing and sourcing governance.


1. Introduction To Outsourcing
  • What is Outsourcing
  • Types of business relationships in outsourcing
  • Forms and Drivers for outsourcing
  • The Outsourcing Process Stages
  • Organizational Maturity for Outsourcing

2. Activities to Prepare For Outsourcing
  • Integrating outsourcing and business strategy
  • Stakeholder identification and analysis
  • Identifying, scoping and prioritizing outsourcing opportunities
  • Identifying and managing outsourcing risks

3. Supplier Selection And Due Diligence
  • Defining and communicating requirements
  • Baselining costs
  • Understand RFI, RFP and RFQ
  • Due Diligence Framework
  • Supplier scoring and selection process
  • Factors to considered when offshoring

4. Developing Financial Case and Pricing
  • The Financial Analysis Model
  • Considering provider proposals
  • Selecting an optimal pricing model

5. Contracting And Negotiating
  • Developing contracts and understanding its structure
  • Scope setting and defining performance objectives
  • Common areas for negotiation
  • Understanding contract termination and changes

6. Managing Transition to An Outsourced Environment
  • Understanding the transition process
  • Reasons for transition failures
  • Developing and managing the transition plan
  • Understanding impact of transition on the organization

7. Implementing A Demand-Supply Governance Framework
  • Understanding the 3-levels of DemandSupply Governance Framework
  • Managing and operationalizing governance hotspots
  • Design of a Demand-Supply Organization

8. Case Study and Discussions


The target audience for this course and qualification are professionals from both client and provider organisations in the IT industry who have little experience in outsourcing and who want to get a kickstart on this topic.


There are no prerequisites to attending the Sourcing Governance Foundation course or for sitting the examination. However, some experience working in an IT organization is advantageous.



Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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