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Technology is changing rapidly. Businesses are in constant pressure to manage change to stay relevant. Technology should aid Business to perform better. How can Businesses ensure that they are not held hostage to the latest Technology advancements ? What is the best way to manage technology and business better ? That Technology is helping Business and People. To facilitate this arrangement IT and Business should be in constant alignment. Training programs listed here may have different purpose but one common goal. That is to establish solid alignment between IT and Business. Get started to improve the rapport between Business and IT

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DOI - DevOps Leader
Introduces new and innovative ways to organize and manage IT. Tailored for those engaged in a DevOps Cultural Transformation.
Certified Information System Security Professional Prep Course (CISSP)
(ISC)2 ® Certified Information System Security Professional Prep Course
Certified Cloud Security Professional
Certified Cloud Security Professional
Certified Agile Service Manager
Certified Agile Service Manager
Certified Agile Process Owner
Certified Agile Process Owner
DevOps Foundation (DOIDEVOPSFnd)
The course includes a baseline understanding of key DevOps terminologies, the latest thinking, principles and practices from the DevOps comm ...
DevOps Test Engineering
The course is relevant for every modern IT professional involved in defining or deploying a DevOps testing strategy for their organization.
DevSecOps Engineering
This course explains how DevOps security practices differ from other security approaches and provides the education needed to understand and ...
Continuous Delivery Architecture
This course is designed for participants who are engaged in the design, implementation, and management of DevOps deployment pipelines and to ...