VSICW7 - VMware vSphere: Instructor Certification Workshop

This workshop will assess a VMware® Certified Instructor candidate’s ability to deliver the VMware vSphere™: Install, Configure, Manage [V4.1] training course. There are two key principles that candidates will need to demonstrate during the workshop:
  • Presentation skill and aptitude to effectively deliver technical content
  • Technical understanding of vSphere 4.1, as covered in the VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V4.1] course

Duration: 5.0 days

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At the end of the workshop, successful candidates will be certified to deliver the VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V4.1] training course.

Candidates will be delivering key modules in the VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V4.1] course. Access to equipment to demonstrate key aspects will be available during delivery, though no formal lab exercises will be conducted.

Candidates will receive their delivery assignments on the first day of the workshop. The assignments will not be issued ahead of time. Feedback given at the end of each session will indicate whether the key concepts have been covered. Additional technical information might also be provided in this feedback. Candidates will receive a final assessment upon completion of the course.


1 Course Introduction
  • Introductions and course logistics 
  • Course objectives

2 Introduction to VMware Virtualization
  • Introduce virtualization, virtual machines, and vSphere components

3 VMware ESX and ESXi
  • Introduce the architecture of ESX and ESXi 
  • Manually configure ESX/ESXi

4 VMware vC enter Server
  • Install and configure vCenter Server components 
  • Manage vCenter Server inventory objects 
5 Networking
  • Create, configure, and manage vNetwork standard switches, network connections, and port groups

6 Storage
  • Configure ESX/ESXi with iSCSI, NFS, and Fibre Channel storage
  • Create and manage vSphere datastores

7 Virtual Machines
  • Deploy virtual machines using the Create New Virtual Machine wizard, templates, cloning, and VMware vCenter Converter 
  • Modify and manage virtual machines 
  • Perform Storage vMotion migrations

8 Access Control
  • Control user access through roles and permissions

9 Resource Monitoring
  • Control virtual machine access to CPU, memory, and I/O resources
  • Introduce VMkernel methods for optimizing CPU and memory usage 
  • Monitor resource usage using vCenter Server performance graphs and alarms

10 Data Protection
  • Back up and recover virtual machines using VMware Data Recovery

11 Scalability
  • Manage multiple vCenter Server inventories using VMware vCenter Linked Mode 
  • Manage ESX/ESXi configuration compliance using Host Profiles
  • Create, configure, and manage vNetwork distributed switches, network connections, and port groups 
  • Perform VMware vMotion™ migrations 
  • Configure and manage a VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler cluster 
  • Configure and manage VMware Distributed Power Management

12 High Availability
  • Configure and manage a VMware High Availability cluster
  • Configure fault-tolerant virtual machines using VMware Fault Tolerance

13 Patch Management
  • Manage patching and patch compliance using vCenter Update Manager

14 Installing VMware ESX and ESXi
  • Introduce ESX and ESXi Installable installation


Candidates wishing to become VMware Certified Instructors in order to deliver VMware-authorized training must successfully complete this workshop.


  • Completion of VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V4.1] or VMware vSphere: Fast Track course within the past six months
  • Passing the current VMware Certified Professional exam (VCP4) with a score of 350 or higher



Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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