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SM100 - SAP Solution Manager Configuration for Operation


Duration: 5 days
  • Understanding mandatory and managed system configuration of the SAP Solution Manager, including infrastructure
  • Introduction to area operations and support tools from SAP Solution Manager
  • Description of the various activities, functions and features that belong to the area of operations of the SAP Solution Manager




  • System Administrator
  • System Architekt
  • Technology Consultant


  • SAP Solution Manager Overview: available Scenarios, Enhancements, Work Center
  • Technical Overview: Installation, Architecture, Sizing
  • SAP Solution Manager Configuration: SOLMAN_SETUP, LMDB, System Landscape Directory (SLD), Synchronize Data to the Landscape Management Database (LMDB), New Solution Concept (especially Logical Component Groups and Solution Documentation), Solution Manager Diagnostics
  • Managing Authorizations in SAP Solution Manager
  • Maintenance Planner, Maintenance Certificates, System Recommendations, Issue and Task Management
  • Early Watch Alert Reporting: ABAP & Java, EarlyWatch Alert for Solutions
  • Root Cause Analysis Overview, Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure Overview, Solution Monitoring and System Monitoring Overview
  • Service Level Reporting, Dashboards (including Configure Dashboards using Dashboard Builder)
  • SAP Mobile Apps for SAP Solution Manager
  • Job Management: Job Request Management, Job Documentation, Job Monitoring, Job Scheduling Management Health Checks and more
  • Solution Manager Administration and Error Handling



  • ADM100 Administration AS ABAP I


  • ADM800 Administration AS Java


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