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HR505 - Organizational Management


Duration: 5 days
  • Outline the basic structure of Organizational Management
  • Outline the integration between OM and other components
  • Set up a multiple reporting structure using a matrix organization
  • Process organizational changes using Manager's Desktop and Manager's Self-Service
  • Create relationships for a new object and ensure it is correctly linked to the organizational structure
  • Set up and verify an organizational structure configuration




  • Application Consultant
  • Data Consultant / Manager
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User


Organizational Management Structures

  • Outlining Organizational Management (OM) Basics

Organizational Management Concepts

  • Outlining Organizational Management Concepts
  • Finding Object Relationships
  • Planning Options in Organizational Management

Organization and Staffing Framework

  • Identifying the Organizational Plan
  • Updating the Organizational Structure

Expert Mode in Organizational Management

  • Maintaining Infotypes

Simple Maintenance in Organizational Management

  • Maintaining Organizational Plans Using Simple Maintenance

General Structures and Matrix Organizations

  • Maintaining General Structures
  • Maintaining Matrix Organizations

Integration in Organizational Management

  • Setting Up Integration Switches
  • Loading OM Files

Self-Services in Organizational Management

  • Updating Information Using Manager's Desktop (MDT)
  • Updating Information Using Manager Self-Service (MSS)

Data Model Enhancements in Organizational Management

  • Outlining the OM Data Model
  • Modifying the Data Model
  • Creating Relationships
  • Creating Evaluation Paths

Hierarchy Framework in Organizational Management

  • Customizing the Hierarchy Framework of the Organization and Staffing interface
  • Defining Search Nodes
  • Outlining Column Groups
  • Customizing the Structural Overview

Evaluations and Reports in Organizational Management

  • Describing Structural Reports
  • Executing Standard Delivered Reports

Case Study Organizational Structure Setup

  • Setting Up an Organizational Structure



  • HR050 Business Processes in Human Capital Management or HR050E E- Learning version of Business Processes in Human Capital Management


  • HR305 Configuration of Master Data or HR30E E-Learning version of Configuraiton of Maser Data


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