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CL275 - OpenShift Enterprise Application Development


In this course, you will learn how to expand OpenShift Enterprise's features creating cartridges as well as learn how to identify performance problems and troubleshoot them with tuning techniques.

Note: OpenShift Enterprise Administration Application Development is one of our new emerging technology courses. This series of courses focuses on Red Hat's newer, evolving technologies. Emerging technologies courses are feature- and functionality-focused, which are conducted like guided labs


  • Create Python applications using Red Hat Client
  • Create JBoss applications using Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio
  • Create cartridges to expand OpenShift Enterprise capabilities
  • Troubleshoot problems in OpenShift Enterprise environment
  • Identify performance problems


  • Java and Python developers
  • System administrators with developer skills
  • Developer/operations professionals


1. OpenShift introduction

2. Developing applications in OpenShift

3. OpenShift tools

4. OpenShift cartridges

5. Troubleshooting in OpenShift

6. OpenShift 1.1 cartridges

7. MongoDB administration

8. GIT commands


  • Java programming skills
  • Python programming skills
  • Server administration skills


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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