P9410 - Oracle Access Management 12c: Administration Essentials Ed 1

This Oracle Access Management 12c PS3: Administration Essentials training teaches you how to install, configure and implement a real life deployment of Oracle Access Manager 12c PS3 ( Work with expert Oracle University instructors to install, troubleshoot, diagnose and more.

Learn To:

  • Install and configure Oracle Access Manager 12c PS3. 
  • Configure servers, data sources and agents. 
  • Set up policy configuration (shared components and application domain). 
  • Manage sign-on, sign-off and sessions. Configure detached credential collector [DCC] Set up auditing, logging and troubleshooting for OAM 12c PS3. 
  • Manage sessions, policy and agents with the REST API.


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  • Install and configure Oracle Access Manager (OAM 12c). 
  • Configure servers, data sources, and agents. Set up policy configuration (shared components and application domain).
  • Manage sign-on, sign-off, and sessions. Explain and set up auditing and logging for OAM 12c. 
  • Troubleshoot OAM 12c. 
  • Learn About Hybrid Cloud and On-Premise Access Management. 
  • Configure and explain WLS, identity assertion, OAM assertion provider, and WLS authenticator. 
  • Configure Detached Credential Collectors. Configure OAM Reports in BI Publisher.


Module 1: Overview of Access Manager
Module 2: Installation and Configuration
Module 3: System Configuration: Servers, Datasources and Agents
Module 4: Policy Configuration: Shared Components and Application Domains Module 5: SSO and Session Management
Module 6: Using Oracle Access Manager With WebLogic Applications
Module 7: Auditing and Logging
Module 8: Troubleshooting and Management Module 9: Using Oracle Access Manager in Hybrid Environments


  • Administrator 
  • Developer 
  • End User 
  • Implementer





Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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