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D82171 - Oracle Data Integrator 12c: New Features


Duration: 5.0 days

This Oracle Data Integrator workshop details the new features and techniques of using Oracle Data Integrator 12c (ODI) for implementing high-performance movement. Expert Oracle University instructors will help you explore transformation of data among various platforms.

Learn To:

  • Perform transformation of data among various platforms using Oracle Data Integrator 12c .
  • Design ODI Mappings and Packages to perform ELT data transformations.
  • Debug and troubleshoot ODI mappings and packages using Step by Step debugger.
  • Perform data integration and transformation among various platforms using advanced techniques.
  • Integrate ODI 12c with Oracle Warehouse Builder, Oracle GoldenGate and OPSS Enterprise Roles.
  • Create ODI agents using Common Administration Model.


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Design ODI mappings and packages to perform ELT data transformations
  • Implement multiple target loads and in-session parallelism
  • Describe methods of integration of ODI 12c in Enterprise environment
  • Perform debugging ODI mappings and packages using Step-by-Step debugger
  • Become familiar with various ODI components
  • Develop data transformation projects by using ODI 12c Declarative flow-based user interface


  • Database Administrators
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Warehouse Developer
  • Process Developer


Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Developing Mapping in ODI 12c
Module 3: Step-by-Step Debugger
Module 4: Integration of ODI in Enterprise Environment and Using Common Administration Model


  • Basic knowledge of ELT data processing
  • Working knowledge of using ODI

Suggested Prerequisites:

  • Oracle Data Integrator 11g: Integration and Administration


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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