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D77738 - Java EE 6: Develop Web Applications with JSF


Duration: 4.0 days

This Developing Web Applications Using JSF Technologies training provides an in-depth introduction to the JSF 2.0 technology. You'll perform hands-on lab exercises using the NetBeans IDE and the Oracle Weblogic Server 12c. 

JavaServer Faces technology, the server-side component framework designed to simplify the development of user interfaces for Java EE applications, has been simplified and improved - especially in the area of page authoring. Explore Facelets, a powerful but lightweight page declaration language, to design JavaServer Faces views using HTML style templates and build component trees.

Learn To:

  • Develop JSF pages, page templates, custom and composite components using Facelets.
  • Develop CDI named beans.
  • Process data conversion and validation.
  • Handle events in JSF web applications.
  • Design JavaServer Faces (JSF) web applications.
  • Use AJAX and create custom components and composite components.

Benefits to You

Enrolling in this course will teach you how to simplify web application development. Facelets will enable you to reuse code through templates. You will also significantly reduce the time needed to develop and deploy user interfaces. Included in Java EE 6, the JSF 2.0 standard further simplifies web application development. Facelets also enable code reuse through templating and reduce the time to develop and deploy user interfaces.

Students Who Can Benefits from this Course

Java developers responsible for developing and deploying JavaServer Faces (JSF) based web applications


  • Configure JSF within the Web Container
  • Design views using JSF and EL
  • Design custom components using Facelets
  • Implement templates
  • Design and develop the model using beans or Pojos
  • Integrate external resources such as JPA within Web Application
  • Design web applications using standard architectures, protocols, technologies and components
  • Integrate navigation flow/ redirection
  • Integrate models and views using events
  • Validate application data
  • Use application data conversion
  • Apply AJAX in a JSF page
  • Use HTML5 in JSF applications
  • Configure and secure JSF applications
  • Use third party libraries




  • Introducing the Course
  • Introducing JavaServer Faces (JSF) Technology
  • Creating JSF Pages Using Facelets
  • Developing CDI Named Beans
  • Working with Navigation
  • Creating and Adding Message Bundles
  • Using JSF Templates
  • Converting and Validating Data
  • Working with Data Tables
  • Handling Events
  • Using AJAX and Composite Components with JSF
  • Creating Custom Components
  • Working with HTML5 and JSF 2.0
  • Configuring and Securing JSF Applications
  • Using Third Party Library for JSF Development


Suggested Prerequisite
  • Java EE 6: Develop Web Components with Servlets & JSPs Ed 1
Required Prerequisite
  • Developing Applications for the Java EE 6 Platform Ed 2


Java developers pursuing the Oracle Certified Professional, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 JavaServer Faces Developer examination


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