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D75054 - Introduction to Oracle NoSQL Database


Duration: 1 day

This Introduction to Oracle NoSQL Database training will teach you about the key features, benefits and use cases of the Oracle NoSQL database. You'll also develop an understanding of the concepts and terms related to NoSQL.

Learn To:

  • Explain Big Data and NoSQL concepts.
  • Identify and use Java API's to access the Oracle NoSQL Database.
  • Access the admin console and configure a store.

Benefits to You:

Investing in this course will also help you identify the key considerations, which you should keep in mind, while designing a schema and an application for an Oracle NoSQL database. Interact with expert Oracle University instructors.


  • Configure the store using the Admin Console
  • Differentiate a NoSQL database from the Relational Database Management System
  • Identify when to use a NoSQL database
  • Identify the key features of the Oracle NoSQL database
  • Explain Oracle NoSQL architecture
  • Identify the components of Oracle NoSQL database
  • Explain KVLite
  • Identify the schema structure for Oracle NoSQL database
  • Define and design major and minor keys
  • Define consistency and durability
  • Identify the Java API's to access the KVStore
  • Define BigData
  • Access the Admin Console


  • Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Developer


Course Overview

  • Course Objectives
  • Course Schedule
  • Course Environment
  • Connecting to the Practice Environment
  • Accessing the Labs Directory
  • Case Study Overview

Understanding the NoSQL Technology and Concepts

  • BigData and NoSQL Overview
  • Oracle NoSQL Overview
  • Designing a Schema for Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Designing an Application for Oracle NoSQL Database

Accessing and Manipulating the Oracle NoSQL Database Using Java API's

  • Accessing the KVStore
  • Constructing a Record
  • Reading Data
  • Writing and Deleting Data

Using the Administration Console

  • Admin Console Overview
  • Configuring the KVStore Using the Admin Console


Required Prerequisite
  • Java programming


This course is not associated with any Certification.


Scheduled DateCountryLocationFeesRegister
2021-11-05 - 2021-11-05 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur MYR 1240

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