GRC-108 - Collaborating With Office 365 (Microsoft Teams Edition)

This workshop brings the audience through most of the core apps and services found in a standard Microsoft Office 365 subscription. It is specially focused on SharePoint Online, as well as Microsoft Teams usage to form a complete collaborative environment for an organization. Students will be able to productively utilize Office 365.

Duration: 2.0 days

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After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Understand the common apps and services found in a standard Microsoft Office 365 subscription. 
  • Familiarize themselves with collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint Online. 
  • Understand OneDrive for Business usage. 
  • Understand Microsoft Teams usage. 
  • Use Office Online apps, such as Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, etc


Module 1: Office 365 – the New Office Ecosystem
  • Identify the products in Office 365 including Outlook Online, Office Online apps, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams 
  • Navigating around Office 365 
  • Setting up your profile in Office 365

Module 2: Collaboration on SharePoint Online
  • Overview of SharePoint Online 
  • Understanding the Site structures 
  • Working with Lists and Libraries 
  • Managing List and Library settings 
  • Exploring SharePoint Online features and settings 
  • Document versioning in SharePoint Online 
  • Approval settings in SharePoint Online
  • Security in SharePoint Online

Module 3: Document Storage with OneDrive for Business
  • Overview of OneDrive for Business 
  • Navigating around OneDrive for Business 
  • Accessing content in OneDrive for Business 
  • Using Office Online apps with OneDrive for Business 
  • Sharing documents and collaborating with people in OneDrive for Business 
  • Connecting Microsoft Office apps to OneDrive for Business

Module 4: The Power of Outlook in Office 365
  • In an around Outlook in Office 365 
  • Emailing using Outlook from an Office 365 account 
  • Scheduling of events, meetings or appointments 
  • Integration of Outlook with OneNote and vice-versa

Module 5: Collaboration & Communication with Microsoft Teams
  • Creating a new team in Microsoft Teams 
  • Adding and managing members in a team 
  • What are channels in Microsoft Teams? 
  • Instant messaging and chat with Microsoft Teams (integration of Microsoft Skype for Business Online) 
  • Integration of Outlook and SharePoint Online 
  • Setting up meetings and video conferencing with Microsoft Teams 
  • Components of Microsoft Teams and their usage 
  • Exploring apps like Forms, OneNote and Planner in Microsoft Teams 
  • Documents storage in Microsoft Teams 
  • Adding apps into Microsoft Teams 
  • Exploring settings of a team in Microsoft Teams

Module 6: Exploring other Apps in Office 365
  • Exploring Microsoft Delve 
  • Exploring Microsoft Forms 
  • Exploring Microsoft Stream 
  • Exploring Microsoft Sway 
  • Exploring Microsoft To Do 
  • Exploring Microsoft Whiteboard




This course is targeting information workers who have used Microsoft Office and basic navigation skills. It is also intended to provide Technology Influencing Business Decision Makers (TIBDM) in need of gaining understanding of how Microsoft Office 365 can increase employee productivity, share information easily and complete tasks faster



Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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