DP-3001 - Migrate SQL Server workloads to Azure SQL Database

To earn this Microsoft Applied Skills credential, learners demonstrate the ability to assess and migrate SQL Server workloads to Azure SQL Database.

Candidates for this credential should have a solid understanding of both database-level and instance-level scoped objects in SQL Server. They should also be familiar with provisioning Azure SQL resources and navigating the Azure portal.

Duration: 1.0 day

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  • Explain what data platform modernization is
  • Review the stages of a data migration
  • Recommend when to use an Azure data platform technology
  • Explore the cost savings of moving your SQL workloads to Azure
  • Understand common compatibility issues and blockers that may prevent a migration to Azure SQL.
  • Discover the various tools and options available for assessing SQL Server databases for migration purposes.
  • Use the Azure migration extension for Azure Data Studio to assess SQL Server databases.
  • Use the Azure Migrate to assess SQL Server databases.
  • Use Data Migration Assistant (DMA) to assess SQL Server databases.
  • Gain an understanding SQL Server in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering
  • Understand PaaS provisioning and deployment options
  • Understand elastic pools
  • Examine Azure SQL Managed Instances
  • Explore Azure SQL Edge
  • Configure a template for PaaS deployment
  • Learn about authentication options for Azure SQL Database
  • Create various security principals
  • Configure permissions within a SQL database
  • Identify authentication and authorization failures
  • Explore the advantages, capabilities, and migration possibilities offered by Azure SQL Database.
  • Migrate databases using Azure SQL Migration extension for Azure Data Studio and tracking database migration activities.
  • Use the Data Migration Assistant (DMA) tool to facilitate SQL Server migrations to Azure SQL Database.
  • Use transactional replication as an online method to migrate to Azure SQL Database.
  • Explore several other methods for migrating SQL Server databases to Azure SQL Database.
  • Implement compliance controls for sensitive data.
  • Monitor database performance in Azure SQL.
  • Configure high availability and disaster recovery in Azure SQL.
  • Automate database tasks for scalability.


1. Design a SQL Server migration strategy

In this module, you'll learn the phases of a migration and the steps involved to ensure your migration project is executed smoothly. You'll also learn the purpose of data platform modernization and see the benefits it can bring to your organization.

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2. Assess SQL Server databases for migration to Azure SQL

Assessment tools such as Azure SQL Migration extension for Azure Data Studio, Azure Migrate, and Data Migration Assistant facilitate the migration of SQL Server databases to Azure.

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3. Deploy PaaS solutions with Azure SQL

Provision and deploy Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL managed instance. Select the appropriate options when performing a migration to the SQL PaaS platform.

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4. Configure database authentication and authorization

Contrast authentication using Microsoft Entra ID, Windows Active Directory, and SQL Server authentication. Implement various security principals and configure permissions.

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5. Migrate SQL Server workloads to Azure SQL Database

You will explore different migration tools and migrate SQL Server databases to Azure SQL Database.

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6. Perform post-migration tasks on Azure SQL

You'll explore different features and tools to help you maintain Azure SQL environments.

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Administrators, DevOps Engineers, Cloud Architects.


Working knowledge of SQL Server, basic understanding of Azure and cloud concepts.



Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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