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WM302G - IBM MQ v8 System Administration for z/OS


Duration: 1.0 day
This course provides the skills that are necessary to configure and manage an IBM MQ V8 queue manager on z/OS.

Through lectures and hands-on lab exercises, you learn how to install, customize, operate, and administer IBM MQ V8. The course covers configuring a z/OS queue manager, setting up distributed queuing, IBM MQ clustering, IBM MQ on z/OS recovery and restart, security, and performance considerations. It also covers day-to-day administration and problem recovery. The hands-on lab exercises give you direct experience with IBM MQ V8 tasks such as defining and monitoring channels, configuring IBM MQ clusters, and problem determination activities


  • Describe message-oriented middleware and the capabilities it must provide
  • Identify the key components of IBM MQ for z/OS
  • Summarize the responsibilities of the IBM MQ administrator
  • Configure IBM MQ IBM V8 for z/OS
  • Enable IBM MQ for z/OS eight-byte RBA and buffers above 2 GB
  • Demonstrate how to create and change queues and place and retrieve messages from a queue
  • Define and demonstrate how to set up and work with distributed queuing
  • Differentiate between an IBM MQ queue manager and an IBM MQ client
  • Describe and demonstrate how to set up an IBM MQ cluster
  • Contrast point-to-point and publish/subscribe messaging styles
  • Describe shared queues and queue sharing groups
  • Summarize IBM MQ for z/OS recovery and restart activities
  • Demonstrate how to use IBM MQ events for monitoring
  • Summarize performance considerations
  • Describe security considerations for IBM MQ for z/OS
  • Describe and implement connection authentication and channel authentication
  • Identify correct problem determination techniques for IBM MQ for z/OS
  • Summarize basic use and configuration of IBM MQ Managed File Transfer
  • Describe IBM MQ support for CICS and IMS interfaces


This intermediate course is designed for technical support personnel who implement, operate, and perform day-to-day administration of IBM MQ V8 on z/OS.


1. Course introduction

2. IBM MQ review

3. IBM MQ architecture, installation, and configuration

  • Exercise: Configuring an IBM MQ for z/OS queue manager

4. IBM MQ for z/OS administrative interface options

  • Exercise: Working with queues

5. Distributed queuing

  • Exercise: Working with channels

6. IBM MQ clients

  • Exercise: Working with IBM MQ clients

7. IBM MQ cluster basics

  • Exercise: Working with IBM MQ clusters

8. Publish/subscribe basics

  • Exercise: Publish/subscribe basics

9. Queue sharing groups

10. Using IBM MQ events and the dead-letter queue utility

  • Exercise: Working with IBM MQ events

11. Security considerations

  • Exercise: Security

12. Problem determination

13. IBM MQ Managed File Transfer

  • Exercise: IBM MQ Managed File Transfer configuration for z/OS

14. IBM MQ for z/OS backup, recovery, and related file tasks

  • Exercise: Working with file handling utilities

15. Support for CICS, IMS, and HTTP applications

16. Course summary


  • Basic knowledge of IBM MQ V8 concepts, obtained through experience or by successfully completing course Technical Introduction to IBM MQ (WM103G)
  • Working proficiency with the z/OS platform, obtained through experience or by successfully completing course Fundamental System Skills in z/OS (ES10G)
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP is also helpful.


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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