WB896G - Development and Administration of Applications with IBM Business Monitor v8.5.7

IBM Business Monitor is a business activity monitoring (BAM) product that supports BPM by measuring business performance, monitoring, and reporting on business transactions. This course includes topics of interest for students who want to use the IBM Business Monitor environment to develop applications.

In this course, you learn how to develop, implement, and test IBM Business Monitor applications so that you can generate real-time business views of enterprise data. The course begins with an overview of BAM and BPM, and the capabilities that IBM Business Monitor provides. In subsequent units, you learn how to build monitor models, establish performance metrics, monitor events, manage action services, and build a business space dashboard. You also learn how to enable events from various sources, including using BPEL and BPMN processes from IBM Business Process Manager Advanced and IBM Integration Bus. Finally, you learn how to monitor events from JMS emitter and REST emitter sources. You also learn some basic administration and maintenance capabilities of IBM Business Monitor.

From the hands-on exercises that are provided throughout the course, you develop and implement a monitoring solution. The exercises include how to use the various components of IBM Business Monitor, such as the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and the Monitor development toolkit, for reporting and dimensional analysis along with WebSphere Application Server. You use the Monitor development toolkit to develop a monitor model, and then use the IBM Integration Designer to test the model. You also build customized business space dashboards that can be used to analyze and troubleshoot process performance.

Duration: 1.0

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  • Explain monitoring concepts
  • Describe the architecture of IBM Business Monitor
  • Explain how IBM Business Monitor retrieves business data from various sources
  • Generate events by using Dynamic Event Framework
  • Develop the business measures mode
  • Test Monitor models by using the unit test environment servers
  • Configure the Action Services Manager
  • Configure Business Monitor widgets in a business space
  • Monitor events from various sources such as BPEL, BPMN, JMS and REST API.


1. Course introduction

2. Overview: BPM, BAM, and IBM Business Monitor

  • Exercise: Exploring IBM Business Monitor

3. IBM Business Monitor architecture and integration

  • Exercise: Creating a monitor model

4. Monitoring events

  • Exercise: Selecting events and generating a monitor model

5. Monitor development toolkit and monitoring concepts

6. Using the Monitor model editor to define elements

  • Exercise: Creating triggers in a monitor model

7. Dimensional, KPI and visual models

  • Exercise: Creating metrics in a monitor model

8. Deploying a monitor model

  • Exercise: Deploying and running the monitor model and the application

9. Using IBM Business Monitor business space dashboards to manage business processes

  • Exercise: Building dashboards in IBM Business Monitor

10. Managing action services and event emissions

  • Exercise: Monitoring events from a BPEL process

11. Monitoring events from other products

  • Exercise: Monitoring events from IBM Integration Bus
  • Exercise: Monitoring events from a BPMN process
  • Exercise: Monitoring events from JMS emitter and REST emitter.

12. Administering IBM Business Monitor and monitor models

13. Maintaining and troubleshooting IBM Business Monitor

14. Course summary


This course is designed for implementation consultants, integration developers, IT specialists, project managers, technical business analysts, and support engineers.


Familiarity with WebSphere related products



This course is not associated with any Certification.

Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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