WB846G - Fundamentals of IBM Process Mining

This course introduces you to IBM Process Mining and how to use it to perform process and data analysis. You learn the differences between process mining and task mining, the different types of process mining, use cases, and how process mining is performed. You learn how to use IBM Process Mining to import a data source, map data, and visualize a process. You learn how to plan a process mining project. You learn how to evaluate a process for potential candidates for Robotic Process Automation. You learn advanced data preparation and transformation concepts and how to evaluate a multi-level process for maverick buying patterns. You also leverage the simulation capabilities of the product to simulate a Blueworks Live BPMN process.

The lab environment for this course uses a trial environment. Access to the trial environment is strictly limited to 30 days with no possibility of an extension. Before you enroll, make sure that you can complete the lab within the 30-day period.

Duration: 7.0 hours

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  • Visualize a process and generate the event log
  • Understand data quality and data quality issues
  • Evaluate maverick buying patterns of a multi-level process
  • View the frequency, duration, and cost models of a process
  • Import a reference model and perform conformance checking
  • Create custom filters and dashboards
  • Perform a Diff comparison of two simulation scenarios
  • Analyze a process for potential RPA candidates
  • Import a BPMN model into IBM Process Mining
  • Configure and run simulations on a Blueworks Live BPMN process


  • Exercise 1. Evaluating a process for RPA candidates
  • Exercise 2. Evaluating maverick buying in a multi-level process
  • Exercise 3. Simulating a Blueworks Live BPMN process


  • Project planning and process analysis with IBM Process Mining 
  • Evaluating a process for RPA candidates
  • Exercise 1. Evaluating a process for RPA candidates
  • Advanced data analysis
  • Exercise 2. Evaluating maverick buying in a multi-level process
  • Using simulation and the BPA tool
  • Exercise 3. Simulating a Blueworks Live BPMN process
  • Course summary


This course is intended for business process analysts, data analysts, or technical analysts that use the IBM Process Mining product.





Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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