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W7068G - IBM Watson Discovery for Developers


Duration: 1 day

In this 6 hour web-based training (WBT), you will learn how Watson Discovery lets business analysts and developers rapidly build cognitive, cloud-based exploration applications that unlock actionable insights hidden in unstructured data — including your own proprietary data, as well as public and third-party data.


  • Discovery overview: Architecture of Watson Discovery
  • Discovery overview: Administering security in Watson Discovery
  • Discovery overview: Creating a collection
  • Configuring a Discovery collection
  • Ingesting data into a
  • Audience

    Analysts, Developers, and others who need to monitor machine learning jobs


    1. Discovery overview: Architecture of Watson Discovery

    • Describe Discovery architecture in a cloud environment
    • Describe content creation within Discovery
    • Describe Discovery data collection runtime flows
    • Describe Discovery user runtime flows

    2. Discovery overview: Administering security in Watson Discovery

    • List types of security used in Watson Discovery on Cloud
    • Describe how Discovery service credentials are used
    • Describe a common use case for securing private data within Discovery

    3. Discovery overview: Creating a collection

    • Instantiate Watson Discovery
    • Connect to a Discovery instance
    • Create a collection

    4. Configuring a Discovery collection

    • Configure enrichments for a paticular business case
    • Use tooling and APIs to configure a Discovery collection
    • Use Smart Document Understanding to identify fields from documents

    5. Ingesting data into a Discovery collection

    • Describe use cases for using APIs, tooling and data sources to ingest data
    • Describe the steps for ingesting documents into Discovery
    • Perform ingestion operations such as add, update and delete documents
    • Describe ingestion limitations

    6. Querying a Discovery collection

    • Explain simple, combined and aggregate queries
    • Explain search and structure parameters, operators and aggregation types for querying a collection
    • Use the Discovery query language for constructing queries

    7. Querying a Discovery collection: Relevancy training

    • Explain the purpose of relevancy training
    • Detail the process of using relevancy training for improving results

    8. Querying a Discovery collection: Passage retrieval

    • Explain the purpose of passage retrieval
    • Describe passage retrieval settings and usage
    • Use passage retrieval to return pointed results


  • Basic knowledge of cloud platforms, for example IBM Cloud
  • Basic understanding of enterprise search and natural language
  • Certification


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