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VY102G - Developing REST APIs with Node.js


Duration: 2.0 days

This course teaches developers how to create, test, and deploy APIs with Node.js for the IBM Bluemix cloud application platform.

The Node.js runtime environment is a highly scalable server-side application platform. In this course, you learn how to develop REST APIs with Express, a popular web application framework for Node. You design callback functions to handle asynchronous network events. You also install and manage Node features with npm, the packaging manager for Node modules.

You build, test, and deploy the lab exercises in your own workstation, and on your own IBM Bluemix account.

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  • Install, validate, and test the Node runtime environment on your local workstation
  • Install Node packages with npm
  • Develop REST API operations with Express
  • Develop callback functions to handle asynchronous events


This course is designed for API developers who want to build REST APIs with the Node.js server runtime environment.


1. Course introduction
2. Introduction to Node.js

  • Exercise: Installing, verifying, and developing a Node application
  • 3. Developing a REST API in Node

  • Exercise: Developing a REST API with Node.js
  • 4. Static code analysis and unit testing

  • Exercise: Static code analysis and unit testing
  • 5. Debugging and building Node applications

  • Exercise: Debugging and building Node applications
  • 6. Deploying and testing Node applications on IBM Bluemix

  • Exercise: Deploying a REST API on IBM Bluemix
  • 7. Course summary



    • Working knowledge of JavaScript programming
    • Familiarity with web application architecture and REST API concepts



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