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TW401G - IBM Identity Governance and Intelligence Foundations


Duration: 3.0 days

IBM Identity Governance and Intelligence is an advanced identity governance system. This course provides the foundational skills necessary to operate, administer, and accomplish the major business functions and analyses provided by Identity Governance and Intelligence. This course provides instruction and hands-on labs for managing the import of data and data exchange with target applications, managing the lifecycle role, modeling access risk control, running certification campaigns, designing workflow processes, and designing and administering reports.


  • Describe the components of Identity Governance and Intelligence (IGI) and manage IGI using Access Governance Core (AGC)
  • Describe the key players, resources, and considerations that must be accounted for when planning an IGI deployment


This course is designed for security professionals who administer IBM Identity Governance and Intelligence.


  • Unit 1: Introduction to IBM Identity Governance and Intelligence
  • Unit 2: Deployment planning considerations
  • Unit 3: Managing the exchange of data
  • Unit 4: Role lifecycle management
  • Unit 5: Access risk control modeling
  • Unit 6: Certification campaigns
  • Unit 7: Workflow processes
  • Unit 8: Reporting


  • Basic knowledge of information security concepts
  • Basic knowledge of identity management and governance concepts and strategy



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