TS101DG - Fundamentals of IBM Spectrum Protect

The IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager or TSM) suite of products includes the Spectrum Protect Server and many add-on products and components for providing enterprise class data protection and disaster recovery. In this Fundamentals of Spectrum Protect course we provide a simple, easy-to-understand introduction to many of the components and technologies associated with Spectrum Protect along with a series of videos to help better understand the content.

Duration: 2.0

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  • Understand the core data storage and protection concepts that IBM Spectrum Protect is based on
  • Navigate the main IBM Spectrum Protect command line and GUI interfaces
  • Perform basic data backups and differentiate between backup types


Day 1

Unit 1: Concepts and Components

Unit 2: User Interface Introduction

  • Exercise Part 1: Administrative Command Line
  • Exercise 1 Basic Queries
  • Exercise 2 Use the help command
  • Exercise 3 Start a Console Mode window for monitoring
  • Exercise 4 Open the administrative command line using the dsmadmc command
  • Exercise Part 2: Operations Center
  • Exercise 5 Navigating the Operations Center
  • Exercise 6 Use the Operations Center Command Builder
  • Exercise Part 3: Backup-archive client
  • Exercise 7 Backup-archive command line introduction
  • Exercise 8 Backup-archive GUI introduction
  • Exercise 9 Examine current options in the backup-archive GUI
  • Exercise 10 Restore and replace files
  • Exercise 11 Archive selected files
  • Exercise 12 Retrieve files from archive

Day 2

Unit 3: Daily Operations

  • Exercise 1 Perform an incremental, complete backup
  • Exercise 2 Perform a selective backup with client-side compression
  • Exercise 3 Send archive data to the storage pools
  • Exercise 4 Define a container storage pool
  • Exercise 5 Change policy to send backup data to container storage pool
  • Exercise 6 Back up files to DEDUPCONTAINER using inline deduplication
  • Exercise 7 Perform storage pool backups
  • Exercise 8 Perform a database backup
  • Exercise 9 Review the configuration of the database and recovery log
  • Exercise 10 Back up the database again using multiple streams and compression
  • Exercise 11 Initiate a storage pool migration
  • Exercise 12 Review the maintenance tasks in the Operations Center

Unit 4: Reporting and Monitoring

  • Exercise 1 Review security notification
  • Exercise 2 Configure a mail server for reports
  • Exercise 3 Review the default reports
  • Exercise 4 Create a new report and work with report templates
  • Exercise 5 Review and assign alerts in the Operations Center
  • Exercise 6 Review the default maintenance tasks in the Operations Center
  • Exercise 7 Use the Operations Center to review the completed maintenance


This course is intended for students who otherwise have had no prior experience with IBM Spectrum Protect.





Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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