SSFS5DG - FlashSystem 9100 Implementation

IBM FlashSystem 9100 system is an all-flash, powerful end-to-end Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) enterprise storage solution that combines the performance of IBM FlashCore technology.
FlashSystem 9100 is built on the efficiency of IBM Spectrum Virtualize, and delivered on a proven IBM software solution with extremely low latencies for your multi cloud deployments.

This course introduces the FlashSystem 9100 NVMe Control Enclosure models: IBM 9846/9848 FlashSystem 9110, Model AF7 and IBM 9846/9848 FlashSystem 9150, Model AF8.
It also focuses on the integration of FlashSystem 9100 SAS-Attached expansion enclosures; scalability performance with NVMe; and the intuitive sight of IBM Storage Insights which helps optimize the storage infrastructure using predictive analytics.

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Duration: 1.0 day

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  • Recall the history and fundamentals for IBM FlashSystem storage.
  • Summarize the concept of IBM Spectrum Virtualization software features.
  • Distinguish the core principles of the IBM FlashCore Technology.
  • Classify the


  • Module 1: Evolution of FlashSystems
  • Module 2: IBM Spectrum Virtualize - Improving sotrage efficiency
  • Module 3: IBM FlashSystem 9100 Architecture overview
  • Module 4: IBM FlashCore Technology
  • Module 5: FlashSystem 9100 SAS-Attached Flash storage
  • Module 6: Scale up and scale out solutions
  • Module 7: RAID protection solutions
  • Module 8: IBM Storage Insights (with Guided Demo and also Interactive Tour)
  • Audience

    This lecture based course is for individuals who are assessing and/or planning to deploy the IBM FlashSystem 9100.  Typical students may include:

  • Customers
  • Technical IBM personnel
  • Business Partner technical personnel
  • Prerequisites

    The following courses, or equivalent knowledge, are recommended prior to this course:

  • Foundations of Storage (SS00DG)
  • Storage Area Network Fundamentals (SN71DG)
  • IBM Flash Storage Fundamental (SSFS1G)
  • Certification


    Course Benefits

    • Career growth
    • Broad Career opportunities
    • Worldwide recognition from leaders
    • Up-to Date technical skills
    • Popular Certification Badges

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