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SNV10DG - IBM Spectrum Virtualize for the IBM SAN Volume Controller


Duration: 1.0 day
IBM Spectrum Virtualize software, part of the IBM Spectrum Storage family of software and the IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) is an enterprise-class storage system that helps organizations improve data economics by supporting the new large scale workloads that are critical to success. SVC systems can handle massive volumes of data from mobile and social applications, enable rapid and flexible cloud services deployments, and deliver the performance and scalability needed to gain insights from the latest analytics technologies.

This one day digital course introduces the IBM Spectrum Storage Software Family with emphasis on the IBM Spectrum Virtualize software. It also introduces the latest IBM SAN Volume Controller, 2145-SV1 storage engine, and the supported IBM SAS expansion enclosures


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Recall the concepts of storage virtualization
  • Define the architecture features of the latest IBM SAN Volume Controller 2145-SV1 storage engine
  • Identify the architecture feature


This course is for IBM personnel, IBM Business Partners, IT consultants and customers who are assessing and/or planning to deploy IBM System San Volume Controller Storage solutions.


Unit 1: IBM Spectrum Virtualize: Improving storage efficiency

  • Topic 1: IBM Spectrum Storage Family
  • Topic 2: IBM Spectrum Virtualize software-defined solution
  • Topic 3: Benefits of IBM Spectrum Virtualize

Unit 2: IBM SAN Volume Controller: Architecture hardware

  • Topic 1: History of SVC 2145 storage engine
  • Topic 2: SVC SV1 architecture features

Unit 3: IBM SAS Volume Controller: Expansion enclosures

  • Topic 1: IBM disk drive enclosure options
  • Topic 2: IBM 2U SAS explansion enclosures
    • IBM Expansion Enclosure Model 12F
    • IBM Expansion Enclosure Model 24F
  • Topic 3: IBM 5U High Density Expansion Drawer Model 92F
  • Topic 4: Scalability


The following courses or equivalent knowledge is recommended prior to this course:

  • Introduction to Storage (SS01G)



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