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QZC35G - Implementing PowerVC Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI)


This course covers the concepts and implementation details of the software-defined networking and storage features of PowerVC on IBM Power Systems servers, known as IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI). Students learn to implement a PowerVM infrastructure with software-defined storage based on IBM Spectrum Scale using NovaLink in SDE-mode, and software-defined networking based on Open vSwitch (OVS). Methods for capturing, deploying, and managing virtual machines in a software defined infrastructure are also explored.


On completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Prepare Power Systems servers for a software defined infrastructure using PowerVC SDI
  • Install and configure a NovaLink SDE-mode partition on a Power Systems server
  • Install IBM Spectrum Scale in an existing PowerVC instance to create an SDI environment
  • Enable a VxLAN overlay network and define it into PowerVC
  • Manage an SDE (Software Defined Environment)-mode NovaLink server in PowerVC
  • Import an image into PowerVC's SDI environment
  • Deploy a VM into the SDI environment
  • Manage a VM in an SDI environment


The audiences for this training include Power Systems and AIX/Linux technical support individuals, AIX and Linux system administrators, system architects and engineers, and pre-sales technical support staff who are interested in creating a cloud-enabled environment leveraging software defined networking and storage.


Day 1

  • Unit 1 - PowerVC SDI overview
  • Exercise 1 - Access lab environment and PowerVC
  • Unit 2 - NovaLink
  • Exercise 2 - Installing NovaLink in SDE-mode

Day 2

  • Unit 3 - IBM Spectrum Scale integration with PowerVC
  • Exercise 3 - IBM Spectrum Scale integration with PowerVC
  • Unit 4 - PowerVC SDI compute node management
  • Exercise 4 - PowerVC SDI compute node management

Day 3

  • Unit 5 - PowerVC SDI images and virtual machines
  • Exercise 5 - PowerVC SDI images and virtual machines
  • Unit 6 - Managing SDI virtual machine
  • Exercise 6 - VIOS Maintenance
  • Wrap up / Evaluations


Student must understand base PowerVC and NovaLink concepts. Basic Linux administration skills are also required. These prerequisites can be met by attending the following course:

-QZC30G (Moving to Cloud with IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager), and

-One of the following Linux Administration classes:

  • LX032G (RedHat Administration for Power Systems)
  • LX041G (Ubuntu Administration for Power Systems)
  • LX051G (SUSE Administration for Power Systems)



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