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PSAIX-VIR2 - Power System for AIX- Virtualization 2 Training Course


Duration: 3.0 days
In a Power VM virtualization environment, the Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) is a critical entity since all the running VIO client LPARs are fully dependent on it. In such an environment, updating VIOS to the next level of code can be challenging.

Although the VIOS environment is (typically) redundant, when updating a VIOS, the VIO LPAR clients are temporarily exposed to a single point of failure during the update. Minimizing update time is valuable since it reduces the window of exposure in this course, we will try to follow the best practices and learn how to implement it.

All the Labs cost need to be borneby client as all the exercise will be done over the cloud for the same.


Manage temporary data sets with a function called virtual input/output (VIO). use DASD space and system I/O more efficiently than other temporary data sets.use the BPAM, BSAM, QSAM, BDAM, and EXCP access methods with VIO data sets. SMS can direct SMS-managed temporary data sets to VIO storage groups.


  • System administrators 
  • System engineers


  • Introduction to the Power system for AIX 
  • Overview of Implementing virtualization. 
  • PowerVM features review 
  • Introduction to the lab environment 
  • Shared processors and virtual processor tuning Exercise

Lab : Shared processors and virtual processor tuning

Shared Processor
  • Multiple shared processor pools and donating dedicated processors 
  • Multiple shared processor pools and donating dedicated processors 
  • Diving deep and hands on with the concepts

Lab : Multiple shared processor pools and donating dedicated processors

Memory Sharing
  • Active Memory sharing 
  • Diving deep into concepts of Active Memory sharing 
  • Best practices 
  • Suspend and Resume 
  • Active memory Expansion

Lab : Shared Processor and Active memory Expansion

Virtual Storage Performance monitoring
  • Virtual Storage performance
  • Virtual network performance
  • Virtualization monitoring and performance management tools 
  • Using Virtual I/O Server Performance Analysis Reporting Tool

Lab : Virtual Storage performance monitoring and virtualization




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