ODC8115G - IBM Engineering Test Management Tool-focused User Training

This course introduces test managers to the basics of using IBM Engineering Test Management to manage a test effort within a software development project. The course teaches how to plan the test effort, develop test artifacts, align with requirements and development, manage the test team's work, monitor progress, submit and track defects, and report test results and status. Through hands-on lab exercises that reinforce learning, you will experience the benefits of test management that is integrated with requirements and development through Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM). IBM Engineering Test Management is a key component of Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM), providing quality management capabilities in a fully-integrated environment that can also include Engineering Workflow Management for change and configuration management. 

Duration: 2.0 days

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Upon completion of the course, students will be able to: 

  • Understand ELM and Global Configuration 
  • Develop a test plan 
  • Define schedules, test environments, and lab resources 
  • Develop a test case and a test script 
  • Create a test suite 
  • Run tests 
  • Submit a defect 
  • Monitor the test effort 
  • Report test results and status


This course covers the following topics:

  • Test management and Engineering Test Management 
  • Global Configuration 
  • Planning the test effort 
  • Developing and evaluating the test plan 
  • Creating test cases, test scripts, and test suites 
  • Creating test execution records 
  • Running tests 
  • Reporting test status 
  • Customizing reports


This course is intended for Test managers , Test leads, Quality managers, Project managers, business analysts, and testers who need to understand how to plan and manage a test effort with Engineering Test Management





Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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