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LX071G - Power Systems Running Linux: Server Administration


Duration: 3.0 days

This course introduces basic administrative tasks associated with Linux Servers hosted on Power Systems servers. This includes installation, command line operations, system administration, device management, IBM tools, and system recovery.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize different execution environments that a Linux server runs on within a POWER8 processor - based server
  • Install Linux Server on a POWER8 processor - based server
  • Manage Linux Server within a POWER8 processor - based server environment using standard tools
  • Install and use IBM Service and Productivity tools
  • Customize the configuration of the boot loader
  • Use recovery mode to rescue a failed Linux instance


System administrators that have experience with either Linux or Power Systems, but not both. This course provides the bridge for those skill sets to be brought together.


Day 1 

  • Unit 1 - Installing Linux on Power systems
  • Exercise 1 - Linux installation
  • Unit 2 - System management tools
  • Exercise 2 - System management tasks

Day 2

  • Exercise 2 - System management tasks (continued)
  • Unit 3 - Power Systems device operations and rescue mode
  • Exercise 3 - Manage Power systems devices and rescue operations
  • Unit 4 - Linux system

Day 3

  • Unit 4 - Linux system (continued)
  • Exercise 4 - System administration
  • Unit 5 - Service and productivity tools
  • Exercise 4 - Linux on Power service productivity tools


Students attending this course should have a basic background in systems administration and/or troubleshooting. No previous course ware is required.


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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