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HB803G - Agility @ Scale using IBM ELM and SAFe 4.5


Duration: 1.0 day

Enterprise agile methodologies describe an approach for orchestrating the planning and execution of software or product delivery across an organization. While teams are happily executing, ideas are constantly coming into the portfolio. Some of these ideas require immediate attention while others can sit until the next planning cycle.


By the end of this course you will be able to

  • How IBM® Collaborative Lifecycle Management provides support for Agility @ Scale using Portfolio SAFe 4.5®
  • How a lean approach, employs economic thinking to prioritize each idea.
  • How to use Kanban board to track and monitor Portfolio Epics.
  • How to coordinate and communicate to manage dependencies.
  • How the Portfolio, Program and its Teams adjusts its plans to accommodate new work.
  • How PI Objectives are used to measure accomplishments of the Program and its teams.
  • How all roles and teams across the Portfolio, Program and its teams gain visibility into organization's work and effort using the Dashboards.




  • Lab 1: Respond to urgent Business Requirement File
  • Lab 2: Orchestrate Program Delivery





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