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H008G - IBM Spectrum Scale - Remote Data Access


Duration: 3.0 days
Enterprises and organizations are creating, analyzing and keeping more data than ever before. An organization’s underlying storage must support new-era big data and artificial intelligence workloads along with traditional applications while ensuring security, reliability and high performance. IBM Spectrum Scale meets these challenges as a high-performance solution for managing data at scale. This new course covers IBM Spectrum Scale features that enable data-anywhere access that spans storage and locations to accelerate applications across the data center or around the world. Attendees should already know the basics of installing, configuring and managing a Spectrum Scale clustered file system and how to use the installer toolkit.

This course is intended for IT professionals tasked with administering a Spectrum Scale storage cluster consisting of Linux nodes. The course includes information on various Spectrum Scale features that enable remote access to the data that is stored in a cluster file system. This includes: multi-cluster support, clustered NFS, cluster export services (CES) and protocol support (NFS, SMB, Object, and block), Active File Management (AFM), and AFM-based Asynchronous Disaster Recovery (AFM DR). The features are described in lecture materials and implemented in lab exercises.


  • Configure a cluster to allow remote file system access
  • Mount a Spectrum Scale file system from a remote cluster
  • Implement Active File Management (AFM)
  • Summarize AFM cache modes
  • Describe AFM DR
  • Differentiate AFM and AFM DR
  • Implement AFM DR
  • Describe and implement Clustered NFS (CNFS)
  • Describe the Cluster Export Services (CES) architecture
  • Implement CES protocols (NFS, SMB, Object, and block)
  • Differentiate CNFS and CES NFS


This lecture and exercise-based course is for individuals who want to configure a Spectrum Scale cluster to allow remote data access.




Students must already know the basics of installing, configuring and managing a Spectrum Scale clustered file system. This prerequisite can be met by attending the following courses:

  • H005G - IBM Spectrum Scale Basic Administration for Linux and AIX
  • H006G - IBM Spectrum Scale Advanced Administration for Linux



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