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G0400G - Integrating Algo Workspace Analyzer v3.0


Duration: 1.0 day

This is an IBM ISDR course. IBM Algorithmics Integrating Algo Workspace Analyzer is a one-day hands-on course designed to introduce the participants to the Algo Workspace Analyzer application. Participants will be taken step-by-step through installation and setup of the Algo Workspace Analyzer application including its component services, and will learn the skills needed for operating and maintaining the application. This includes installation and setup, input data formats, troubleshooting and tuning.


Please refer to course overview.


The target audiences for this course are systems integrators, operators, administrators and other technical roles.


  • Overview of Algo Workspace Analyzer
  • Services Overview and Deployment
  • Installation and Initial Configuration
  • Running Algo Workspace Analyzer (Starting and Stopping the Component Services)
  • Starting the Theatre Client
  • Input Data and File Formats
  • Authorization and Authentication
  • Troubleshooting Algo Workspace Analyzer using Log Files
  • Tuning Algo Workspace Analyzer


Basic understanding of Unix/Linux system administration.



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