AN61DG - IBM PowerHA Administration Fundamentals (Digital version)

This course is designed to prepare students to install and configure a highly available cluster using PowerHA SystemMirror. A high availability solution ensures that the failure of any component of the solution, be it hardware, software, or system management, does not cause the application and its data to be inaccessible to the user community.

Duration: 5.0 days

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  • Define high availability and explain why it is needed
  • List the key considerations when designing and implementing a high availability cluster
  • Outline the features and benefits of PowerHA SystemMirror
  • Summarize the components of a PowerHA SystemMirror cluster
  • Explain how PowerHA SystemMirror operates in typical cases
  • List how PowerHA uses networks
  • Discuss how Cluster Aware Aix provides monitoring and communication
  • Summarize Service IP addresses and how they can be used
  • Summarize how IP address takeover (IPAT) is used to keep service addresses available
  • Plan and configure shared storages for PowerHA cluster
  • Summarize the procedure to install PowerHA SystemMirror


  • Unit 1: Introduction to PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX
  • Exercise 1: Lab setup, cluster planning, and exploring failover
  • Unit 2: Planning and configuring network and storage
  • Exercise 2: Preparing the AIX environment for PowerHA SystemMirror
  • Unit 3: PowerHA installation
  • Exercise 3: Install and maintain PowerHA SystemMirror
  • Unit 4: Configuring applications for PowerHA SystemMirror
  • Exercise 4: Preparing an application for integration with SystemMirror
  • Unit 5: Configuring a PowerHA SystemMirror cluster
  • Exercise 5: Initial cluster configuration
  • Unit 6: Cluster validation and testing
  • Exercise 6: Cluster validation and testing
  • Unit 7: Events 
  • Exercise 7: Events flow 
  • Unit 8: Basic troubleshooting 
  • Exercise 8: PowerHA SystemMirror problem determination 
  • Unit 9: PowerHA installation 
  • Exercise 9: Install and maintain PowerHA SystemMirror


Enrollment in this course is not restricted. Typical students may include: 

  • Customers 
  • Technical IBM personnel
  • Business Partner technical personnel
  • IT consultants and architects





Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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