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8A1017G - Tririga Anywhere Configuration Simulations


Duration: 1.0 day

This course covers the basic configuration of Tririga Anywhere.  You will gain an understanding of OSLC, how it is created and imported into Anywhere, and to query the OSLC. You will be able to change field labeling, create queries, add and display new field, add lookups, images and provide new sort options for mobile devices.


This module contains eight (8) simulations with the following objectives:

  • Understand the modelling of the OSLC, how they are created, how they are imported into Anywhere, and to be able to query the OSLC. 
  • Change the labeling of a field.
  • Define a new query that can be used to filter the primary list of data.
  • Add and display a new field in the Mobile application view.  add a lookup to a field.
  • Add your own image, messages and prompts to the login screen.
  • Define a new sort option based on the location field.


IT Service, Sales, Support


Refer to the Overview Description for more information.


Refer to the Overview Description for more information.



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