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6X141G - IBM Cloud Pak for Data v2.1.x Data Virtualization


Duration: 1.0 day

This learning offering will focus on the Data Virtualization add-on to IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Students will learn about the Data Virtualization technology and be able to create connections to remote data sources. The offering will also cover how to create and manage virtual assets, such as database tables or views, from the remote data sources. Finally, the students will use those assets within IBM Cloud Pak for Data without needing to move any data.


  • Introduction to IBM Data Virtualization
  • Use IBM Data Virtualization


Data Engineer


1. Introduction to IBM Data Virtualization 

  • Describe the difference between classic federation and data virtualization 
  • Explain how a constellation works in Data Virtualization  
  • Describe a common scenario with Data Virtualization 
  • List the current supported platforms 

2. Use IBM Data Virtualization 

  • Describe the features and the life cycle of IBM Data Virtualization 
  • Add and provision the Data Virtualization service 
  • Manage users within the Data Virtualization ecosystem 
  • Add data sources to the constellation 
  • Create virtual assets


  • IBM Demos assets: IBM Cloud Pak for Data ( 

  • General knowledge of IBM Cloud Pak for Data or you have taken the course 6X136G - IBM Cloud Pak for Data (V2.1.x): Foundations - eLearning 



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