EMC-ESMIT - Establishing Service Management for ITaaS

Service Management Overview; Service Management Planning; Service Management Considerations; Service Management Front Office; Service Management Back Office; Measuring Success and Planning for the Future.

  • Discuss service management business drivers and benefits

  • Discuss ITaaS transformation program planning and outcomes

  • Define service management terminology and lifecycle

  • Apply a practical approach to the phases of the service lifecycle from a front and back office perspective

  • List measures of success and plan for the future

Duration: 4.0 days

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Gain in-depth knowledge of the critical roles and strategies for establishing a service management front office to support the development of services. Review the foundational back office processes to understand the operational framework necessary to support the delivery of services. Throughout the course, lab exercises, case studies and real world examples will reinforce concepts of service management design and implementation.


Module 1: Service Management Overview

  • Define service management business drivers
  • Summarize the benefits of service management
  • Discuss essential service management concepts and the service life-cycle
  • Discuss the transformation framework of ITaaS from a service

Module 2: Service Management Planning

  • Discuss the ITaaS program for establishing service management
  • Discuss the program initiation steps and program strategy
  • Discuss IT maturity model and baseline
  • Review sample program structure and essential work streams
  • Discuss program implementation considerations and outcomes

Module 3: Service Management Considerations

  • Discuss popular IT management frameworks
  • Explain the service lifecycle used for this course
  • Discuss the aspects of service lifecycle within the ITaaS framework
  • Review sample services and introduce the chosen service for this course

Module 4: Service Management Front Office

  • Discuss components of the Strategy phase of the service lifecycle
  • Discuss components of the Design phase of the service lifecycle

Module 5: Service Management Back Office

  • Discuss components of the Build phase of the service lifecycle
  • Discuss components of the Launch phase of the service lifecycle
  • Discuss components of the Operate phase of the service lifecycle

Module 6: Measuring Success and Planning for the Future

  • List contributors and methods used to determine and quantify service success.
  • Discuss measuring and reporting attributes and capabilities
  • Discuss the impact of emerging trends on Service Management


Benefits those responsible for design, development, and implementation of services management strategy within their organization.




<p>This course is not associated with any Certification.</p> 

Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges
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