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MTSW10 - Managing and Troubleshooting Next-Generation Networks with Cisco Stealthwatch v1.0


Duration: 2.0 days
Managing and troubleshooting next generation networks with Cisco Stealthwatch is designed for customers who are new to the Stealthwatch System and face specific challenges related to network health and maintenance on a daily basis. The overarching goal of the course is to use the Stealthwatch System to investigate potential security issues and make initial determinations on whether to proceed with a more thorough investigation or to move on to the next potential threat.


Under this course, you will learn to:
  • Configure Flow Record, Exporter and Flow Monitor
  • Understanding network anomalies
  • Configure FlowCollector (FC) using GUI
  • Configure StealthWatch Management Console (SMC) using GUI
  • Integrating FC to SMC
  • Adding Flow Collector to SMC


System Engineers, IT Administrators, Customers who are implementing Cisco Stealthwatch solution, Network Engineers, Network Architects, etc


1. Overview on Cisco Stealthwatch
2. Understanding network anomalies
3. Configuring FlowCollector (FC) using GUI
4. Configuring StealthWatch Management Console (SMC) using GUI
5. Integrating FC to SMC
6. ISE and StealthWatch Integration using AD-signed Certificate
7. Flexible Netflow configuration on Catalyst Switch
  • Configuring Flow Record
  • Configuring Flow Exporter
  • Configuring Flow Monitor
8. SGT Quarantine Using SMC
9. VLAN Quarantine in SMC using Authorization Profiles
10. Installing SMC Desktop Client
11. Adding FC to SMC using JAVA Application
  • Deregister Flow Collector with SMC
  • Adding Flow Collector to SMC
12. Implement WebAuth for Employees

  • Configure Switch for Central WebAuth
  • Configure ISE Authentication for WebAuth
  • Configure ISE Authorization Policy to Enforce Traffic Redirection
  • WebAuth for Self-Registered Guest Users


CCNA, CCNP Security, Cisco Certified Specialist - Security Identity Management Implementation or equivalent knowledge and basic understanding of Cisco Stealthwatch.


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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