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IUC - Implementing Cisco Unity Connection v8.0


Duration: 3.0 days
IUC - Implementing Cisco Unity Connection v8.0 In this course, you will examine the Cisco Unity Connection architecture, components, functionality, and features. You will learn to implement and administer Cisco Unity Connection to create a unified workspace encompassing applications, devices, networks, and operating systems. You will also explore the various administration tools and reports available in Cisco Unity Connection.


  • Cisco Unity Connection design and platform overlays
  • Deployment models and integration options
  • Digital networking and Voice Profile for Internet Messaging (VPIM)
  • Installation process
  • Verify the proper installation and integration
  • Configure digital networking
  • Concepts, function, and features of PBX IP Media Gateway (PIMG) and T1 Media Gateway (TIMG)
  • Features and configuration of fax integration
  • SpeechView and Live Record features
  • Purpose and function of the Cisco Object Backup and Restore Application Suite (COBRAS)
  • Features, function, and configuration of the Real-Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT)
  • Navigate Cisco Unity Connection Administration
  • Call handlers, users, and call flow
  • How to add users and contacts
  • Implement the dial plan
  • Various user features
  • Design and build an audiotext application


  • IT support personnel responsible for implementation and integration of Cisco Unity Connection v8.0 servers
  • Help Desk support staff who will be installing and supporting Cisco Unity Connection v8.0 systems
  • Networking staff interested in Cisco Unity Connection voice mail installation and integration


1. Introduction to Cisco Unity Connection
  • Integration
  • Deployment Models
  • Licensing for Unity Connection
  • Navigating Cisco Unity Connection
  • Call Handlers, Users, and Call Flow
2. Installing and Integrating Cisco Unity Connection
  • Pre- and Post-Installation Steps
  • Integrating Cisco Unity Connection
3. Digital Networking
  • Joining Servers to a Digital Network
  • Post-Networking Tasks
4. VPIM Networking
  • VPIM
  • Configuring VPIM Locations and Contacts
  • Customizing VPIM Features
5. Advanced Integration Concepts
  • PIMG/TIMG Integration
  • Fax Server Integration
  • Live Record Feature
  • SpeechView
6. Cisco Unity Connection User Operation
  • Cisco Unified RTMT and SNMP
7. Configuring Users and Contacts
  • Users and Contacts
  • Managing Multiple Users
8. Implementing Features
  • Implementing the Dial Plan
  • User Features
  • Accessing Voice Messaging and User Features
  • Managing Distribution Lists
9. Using Cisco Unity Connection Applications, Tools, and Reports
  • Designing an Audiotext Application
  • Cisco Unity Connection Tools and Reports
  • Using the Disaster Recovery System


  • Basic understanding of voice mail systems
  • Knowledge of PBX operation or Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Knowledge of traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) operations and technologies


This course is part of the following Certifications:


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