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IISO10 - Implementing Software Defined Networks by orchestrating with OpenStack and Integrating with Cisco UCS Director v1.0


Duration: 5.0 days
Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), is changing the entire networking ecosystem. Virtualization is an innovation wave that cannot be ignored. The value proposition is too compelling for anyone operating a network (Enterprises and Service Providers) to ignore. All participants in this ecosystem must adapt, or they’ll be left behind. SDN empowers the business to control network behavior by emphasizing the software application instead of the network infrastructure.

Networking must support programmatic APIs in order to dynamically provision the resources needed for applications and to integrate effectively with compute and storage resources. OpenStack Networking is designed to support programmability and Software-Defined Networks. OpenStack Networking has been evolving from simple APIs and functionality in Quantum to more complex capabilities in Neutron. The course will give deep idea about SDN and its impact, evolution, adoption by various vendors in their own way. During this session, the participants will get profound knowledge about SDN and will get to know comprehensively about programmability, APIs, SDN controllers. Finally, how to integrate Cisco UCS Director with OpenStack for centralized management, provisioning and automating of resources.


  • Understand the need for SDN
  • Discuss SDN and its different implementations.
  • Identify the different areas where SDN can be utilized.
  • Discuss different real-world implementations of SDN.
  • Idea about SDN Controllers
  • UCS Director integration into OpenStack




1. Network Complexity and the Need for SDN
  • What is a Network
  • Growing Network Complexity
  • Technical Challenges of Complex Networks
2. Traditional Networking and SDN
  • Key aspects of the networking planes
  • Control plane challenges
  • Management plane challenges
  • Control plane improvements with SDN
  • Management plane improvements with SDN
3. NFV
  • NFV Architecture
  • NFV Overlays
  • Benefits of NFV
  • Relationship with SDN
4. SDN and Evolution of programmability
  • SDN Architecture
  • Data Plane and Control Plane
  • Northbound Interfaces
  • Southbound Interfaces
5. Network Programmability Basics
  • Python basics
  • HTTP Method calls
  • Request and Response data formats
  • Authentication
6. Data Models
  • Introduction to data modelling language
  • Yang data model
  • Yang feature
  • Yang Example
7. SDN Protocols
  • Getting familiar with SDN Protocols
  • Configuration Management
- Pyang
- JSON-RPC transport
  • Use cases of protocols
8. SDN Controller- Cisco APIC EM
  • Overview of Cisco APIC-EM Controller
  • Features of Cisco APIC-EM
  • Exploring REST API Calls
  • Implementation using Postman
  • Examples of retrieving the device information using python
9. SDN - Brocade Controller
  • Overview of Brocade Controller
  • Features of Brocade Controller
  • Exploring REST API Calls
  • Viewing information about hosts and topology
10. Configuring Programming capability devices using Python
  • Python Networking with SSH
  • Python Networking with Telnet
  • Python Networking with NETCONF
  • Python Networking with REST CONF
11. Configuring Network devices using Device APIs
  • Cisco Nexus Switch overview
  • Cisco NX-API ? Retrieving device information
  • Configuring the device using Python
12. SDN Applications
  • Creating applications to fetch information
  • Network visibility and control
  • Application Examples
13. OpenStack
  • Purpose of OpenStack
  • Capabilities in OpenStack
  • Securing Network traffic in OpenStack
  • Advanced Networking services
  • OpenStack API for Networking
14. Cisco UCS Director Integration into OpenStack
  • OpenStack and Network abstractions
  • OpenStack and RESTful API
  • OpenStack and centralized management


Aspiring next-generation network engineers who want to understand the high level understanding of SDN and its architecture and participants those who want to know how it will change the way business operate and handling networking landscape.


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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