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GKPRIME - Deploying Prime Infrastructure v2.1


Duration: 3.0 days
This course will focus on the deployment of the latest installment of Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.1. Students will have an opportunity to configure, manage and monitor devices and generate corresponding reports through hands-on-lab. They will also have the opportunity to configure and implement the Prime Infrastructure Assurance and Lifecycle Management features.

This course is delivered in a workshop format and is designed to give an introduction to Cisco Prime Infrastructure


  • Deploy and complete initial set-up of Prime Infrastructure
  • Manage Prime Infrastructure Guest User Accounts
  • Configure the Compliance Manager
  • Centrally Manage the Wireless LAN Controllers
  • Integrate ISE into the Prime Infrastructure Configuration


Anyone involved in the deployment and administration of Cisco Prime Infrastructure


Prime Infrastructure Configuration
  • Deploying Prime Infrastructure
  • Completing the Initial configurations
  • Discovering and Managing Wired and Wireless Devices from Prime Infrastructure
    • Wireless Planning Tool
    • Protocol Check
      • Configuring SNMP
      • Enabling SNMP on Wireless Controllers
      • Enabling SNMP on Switches
      • Enabling Telnet/SSH on Switches
      • Enabling Telnet/SSH on Wireless Controllers
      • HTTP/HTTPS
    • Using the Audit Now Feature for Controllers
    • Configuring Downloading Software to a Controller

Lifecycle Management
  • Operation on a single device: using the work center
    • Inventory
    • Model based template
    • Configuration archive
  • Operation on multiple devices
    • Inventory report
    • CLI configuration templates
    • Autodeployment profile

Configuring Compliance Manager and Performance Reports

Configuring Application Visibility and Control (AVC)
  • Configuring AVC Profiles
  • Enabling AVC on devices
  • Viewing AVC reports

Assurance Management
  • Enable NAMs as data collectors
  • Using Dashboards
  • Monitoring Device health and interface health
    • Access Points
    • Switches
    • WLC
  • Monitoring applications


CCNP Routing and Switching and Wireless Certified or Equivalent Knowledge


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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