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DNACW10 - DNA Center Workshop v1.0


Duration: 2.0 days

The DNACW10 course is a part of Cisco Black Belt Academy aligned content. It belongs to Black Belt Cisco DNA Deployment Stage 2.

In today’s fast phased technology centralized management is the prime requirement for every organization. Cisco Digital Network Architecture offers centralized, intuitive management that makes it fast and easy to design, provision, and apply policies across your network environment. The Cisco DNA Center GUI provides end-to-end network visibility and uses network insights to optimize network performance and deliver the best user and application experience.


  • To explore DNA Center features.
  • Overview on integration options.


Partners who are new to DNA Center and configuring and onboarding.


1. DNAC Overview

  • Introduction to DNAC
  • Evolving Cisco DNA Center for Campus of the Future DNAC Platform
  • DNAC Platform

2. Exploring Discovery Tool

  • Adding Devices by Using Discovery
  • Pre-requisite in Networking Device for Discovery

3. Automation Overview

a. Software Image Management (SWIM)

  • Rolling AP Upgrade

b. Template Editor

4. Wireless Deployment made easy

a. Wireless Assurance with Catalyst 9800

  • Sensor setup
  • DNAC Discovery and Sensor Provisioning
  • Sensor using Wireless Backhaul
  • Sensor-Driven Test Configuration

5. Policy Overview

  • ISE Integration in DNAC
  • Policy Provisioning Basics
  • Navigating and Managing the Policy Application Workflows

6. DNAC and Stealthwatch

  • Stealthwatch Integration in DNAC
  • ETA telemetry

7. Assurance Overview

a. Client and Network Experience

  • Overall Network / Client Health
  • Comprehensive view in Device/Client 360
  • Contextual analysis of past problems

b. Client Onboarding

  • Client Health Summary
  • Client 360 Views
  • Event Viewer in Client 360

8. Introduction to Programmability in DNAC

  • API overview

9. Monitoring Alarms and Events

10. General Troubleshooting

  • Bring-Up Issues
  • Collecting Logs
  • Integrating ISE
  • Discovery Issue
  • Provisioning Issue


Basic routing and switching, DNS, Proxy or CCNA or equivalent work experience


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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