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DACCS10 - Deploying and Administering CloudCenter Suite v1.0


Duration: 3.0 days
Cisco CloudCenter Suite 5.0 is a comprehensive, enterprise-class multi cloud orchestration and workflow management platform. It is a software solution that is built on a containerized micro services architecture leveraging Kubernetes. From this training, participants will gain significant knowledge about various functionalities and feature-sets of Cisco CloudCenter. The training will demonstrates that it supports all major public cloud providers, as well as virtualized/cloud infrastructures in private or hosted data centers. At the end of this course, the participants will know that the CloudCenter is built on an architecture that has simplified orchestration and workflow automation with a rich library of predefined adaptors to create a framework of extensibility between application and cloud ecosystem services.


  • Basics of the MultiCloud Management
  • Understanding the Suite Architecture
  • Learning the capabilities of the CloudCenter Modules
  • Understanding the CloudCenter Suite Integration and migration with public and private clouds
  • Insight on the simplified orchestration and workflow automation in the CloudCenter Suite


  • Cloud Engineers, Solutions Architects, System Engineers, Cloud Migration Support Engineers, etc


  1. Business Challenges in Traditional IT
  2. Understanding Cloud readiness
  3. Overview of Public and Private clouds
  4. Introduction to Cisco CloudCenter Suite
  5. Design Considerations
  6. Introduction to Automated DevOps and CI/CD as a Service
  7. Lifecycle of an application in CloudCenter
  8. Introduction to Repositories
  9. Understanding Deployment Environment
  10. Mapping Images in CloudCenter
  11. Understanding Usage Plan and Fees Structure

- Contracts

- Bundles

- Usage Plan

  1. Understanding User Administration

- Activation Profile

  1. Understanding Application Modeling and Deployment of Application
  2. Integrating Cloud Center with VMware Cloud
  3. Integrating Cloud Center with UCSD Cloud

- Introduction to Policies and VDCs

- Understanding UCS Director Workflow

  1. Integrating Cloud Center with Azure Cloud

- Migrating Application from VMware Cloud to Azure Cloud

  1. Integrating Cloud Center with AWS Cloud

- Migrating Deployed Application from Azure Cloud to AWS Cloud

  1. Ordering and licensing
  2. Summary


Familiarity with cloud concepts and n-tier application designing


This course is not associated with any Certification.


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