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CWEBEX - Customized workshop on Cisco Webex Control Hub v2.0


Duration: 2.0 days
This certification & training course provides you with guidance to get started with Control Hub or optimize your existing configuration and as an administrator, enterprise-grade cloud calling, a quick start to configure the best Webex experience for you and your users. By following this, you will streamline user management, enable a consistent end-user experience, and have a solid foundation to integrate your workflow. Additionally, this course is incorporate with Cisco Black Belt program (Collaboration support Cloud Collaboration- stage 2 and Collaboration deployment stage 2).


Please refer to course overview


IT and Site Admin, Collaboration engineers, Collaboration administrators


1. Control Hub Administration: Project phase and Deployment

2. Control Hub Administration: Configuring the Essentials
  • Control Hub - Overview
    • Users
    • Workspaces
    • Services
    • Devices
    • Settings
  • Organization Service Setup
  • Domain Verification
  • User and license management
3. Control Hub Administration: Optimizing Your Environment
  • Hybrid Services
    • Directory Services
    • Overview of Directory connector
    • SSO
  • Calendar Services
    • Office 365 Integration
    • Hybrid Calendar service
    • Webex Meeting
4. Webex Calling
  • Adding a Telephone Number and Assigning to a Location
  • Configuring Users with Webex Calling
  • Configuring the Webex Calling Applications
  • Configuring Hunt Group
  • Configuring Call Queue
  • Configuring Auto Attendant
  • Configure Call Pickup
  • Configuring Call Park
5. Control Hub Administration: Analytics and Reporting
  • Diagnostics
  • Analytics
  • Reporting
Lab Outline
  • Initial Lab Overview and Setup
  • Webex Hybrid Calendar Service
  • Webex Calling
  • O365 Integrations to Webex
  • Cisco Webex Monitoring and Troubleshooting Service in Cisco Webex Control Hub
  • Pro Pack for Cisco Webex Control Hub
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)


Understanding of networking technologies, basic knowledge on webex, Cisco telephony experience, VoIP technology and Knowledge of Cisco collaboration core technologies.
  • In order to take up this course as Black Belt program, partners need to complete the below courses.
    1. Collaboration support Cloud Collaboration - stage 1.
    2. Collaboration Deployment – Stage 1



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