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CMF - Cisco Mobility Foundation


Duration: 1.0 day
The course covers the fundamentals in Cisco BN Mobility technology and their essential product portfolio. Participants are introduced to the fundamentals of wireless site survey and will be given a hands-on lab session to try out the concepts learned to establish a simple mobility network design.


  • Describe the concept of the RF spectrum, frequency, wavelength, amplitude, free path loss model, absorption, reflection, multi path, scattering, refraction, line of sight, Fresnel zone and RSSI and SNR
  • Understand the basic mathematics that are used in wireless networks for power comparison.
  • Describe Wireless Antennas Principles, types, diversity, attenuators, amplifiers, lightning arrestors and splitters
  • Describe spread spectrum technology
  • Describe the DSSS basic modulations and advanced modulation
  • Describe OFDM basic and advanced modulation
  • Describe the issues that are linked to channel overlaps and channel reuse
  • Describe the different 802.11 protocols
  • Describe how building materials can affect a wireless signal
  • Describe the main non-802.11 types of interferers
  • Describe the benefits of Cisco Clean Air technology
  • Describe the characteristics of a wireless cell that is designed for data, voice, or location
  • Describe the Cisco Unified Wireless Network Architecture Basics CAPWAP Fundamentals and Benefits
  • Cisco Unified Wireless Network Hardware Components
  • Cisco Unified Wireless Network Hardware: Access Points
  • Cisco Unified Wireless Network Hardware: Controllers
  • Cisco Unified Wireless Network Management Layer




  • WLAN RF Principles and Fundamentals
  • Design and Site-Survey Considerations
  • Cisco Portfolio of Products in BN Mobility




This course is not associated with any Certification.


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