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AUCCE1 - Administering Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise v2.0, Part 1


Duration: 5.0 days
The Administering Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Part 1 is a 5 day instructor-led certification & training course presented by training partners to system engineers and customers who will be involved with Day 2 support of a UCCE solution deployed in a CVP comprehensive environment. This course describes the requirements, resources and tools needed to perform routine adds, moves and changes in the inbound / outbound UCCE environment. This course is intended for those administering the solution, or who may be responsible for Level 1-2 support of the solution


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Identify the basic components and operations of the Unified CCE solution.
  • Configure and script a basic UCCE CVP deployment.
  • Perform the ICM configuration tasks required to support basic agent functionality.
  • Build and test a basic ICM script utilizing microapps.
  • Configure and script UCCE to support reporting requirements, precision queuing and RONA.
  • Deploy the CVP VXML component in a Unified CCE solution successfully.
  • Generate basic reports using Cisco Unified IC


  • Channel Partner / Reseller
  • Customer
  • Employee


Module 1: Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise v10 Foundations
  • Lesson 1-1: Introducing UCCE
  • Lesson 1-2: Unified CCE Components and Architecture
  • Lesson 1-3: UCCE Terms, Routing and Additional Components
  • Lesson 1-4: Accessing UCCE Tools
Module 2: UCCE Configuration and Scripting
  • Lesson 2-1: Configuration Manager
  • Lesson 2-2: Script Editor Overview
  • Lesson 2-3: Scripting for CVP
Module 3: Unified CCE Inbound Agent Considerations
  • Lesson 3-1: CTI Options Overview
  • Lesson 3-2: Configuring ICM for Agent Functionality
  • Lesson 3-3: Configuring UCM for Agent Functionality
  • Lesson 3-4: Scripting ICM for Agent Functionality
Module 4: Unified CCE IVR/VRU Functionality
  • Lesson 4-1: Basic IVR Scripting with Microapps
  • Lesson 4-2: ICM Microapps
  • Lesson 4-3: Cisco Unified ICM Enterprise Scripting Using Micro applications
Module 5: Additional UCCE Considerations
  • Lesson 5-1: ICM Considerations for Reporting and Monitoring
  • Lesson 5-2: Precision Routing
  • Lesson 5-3: RONA
Module 6: VXML Implementation
  • Lesson 6-1: Basic VXML Functionality
  • Lesson 6-2: Installing and Configuring VXML
Module 7: Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Reporting
  • Lesson 7-1: Cisco Unified IC Overview
  • Lesson 7-2: Cisco CUIC Reporting
Lab Details:
  • Lab 1-1: Check Out the Lab Environment
  • Lab 1-2: Explore Voice Gateway
  • Lab 1-3: Explore CVP and ICM Servers
  • Lab 2-1: Tools and Utilities for Administering ICM Dialed Numbers and Call Types
  • Lab 2-2: Prepare a Simple Label Script
  • Lab 2-3: Using ICM Tools for ICM Scripts
  • Lab 3-1: Configure ICM for Agent Functionality (Nothing Fancy Yet)
  • Lab 3-2: Configure UCM for Agent Functionality
  • Lab 3-3: Install Agent/Supervisor Desktop (CTI OS) and Test Login
  • Lab 3-4: Basic Skill Group Functionality in an ICM Script
  • Lab 4-1: Media Files and Variables in ICM Scripts
  • Lab 4-2: Basic IVR Scripting with MicroApps
  • Lab 5-1: Configuring CCE for Monitoring and Reporting
  • Lab 5-2: Configuring and using Precision Queues
  • Lab 5-3: RONA
  • Lab 5-4: Implement Administrative Scripts
  • Lab 5-5: Configure Calls Using SIP with Proxy (3XY2)
  • Lab 5-6: CTI Route Points for UCCE Calls and Transfers
  • Lab 6-1: VXML Server Configuration and Call Studio Installation
  • Lab 6-2: Create and Deploy a Cisco Unified Call Studio Project
  • Lab 6-3: Integrate VXML Applications with ICM Script
  • Lab 7-1: More CUIC Reports


It is recommended, but not required, to have the following skills and knowledge before attending this course:
  • Basic knowledge of networking (Windows A/D, SQL) and components (servers, routers, switch) is helpful but not required
  • Working knowledge of a Windows computer including a mouse and the simultaneous use of the Alt-Tab keys is required
  • Working knowledge of Unified Communications Manager and Voice Gateways:
  • Basic understanding of contact center operations.


This course is part of the following Certifications:
  • Voice / UC
  • Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Specialist


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