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BCO-BTA-1 - Blockchain An Overview for Business Professionals Training


Duration: 1.0 day

Blockchain Overview Training provides business professionals with a general overview of Blockchain technology.

Testimonials :

It was useful & answers the questions I had before the training began.

Amir Ridhwan

Oil & Gas

Excellent Course & Speaker.

Chan Mei Key


Learning Up & Coming Technology.

Mohamad Hariz

Oil & Gas 


  • What is Blockchain
  • Non-Technical Technology Overview (How does it WORK) 
  • Benefits of Blockchain (Why should anyone CONSIDER this) 
  • Use Cases (Where and for what apps is it appropriate) 
  • Adoption (WHO is using it and FOR WHAT) 
  • Implementation (How do I get STARTED) 
  • Future of Blockchain (What is its FUTURE)


This course is designed for non-technical business executives who are tasked with making business decisions about leveraging Blockchain technology in their businesses.


Module 1: What is Blockchain  

  • Technology Overview 
  • History of Blockchain 
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) & Blockchain

Module 2: Non-Technical Technology Overview 

  • Cryptography for Executives
  • Key Concepts o Public Ledgers 

             - Hashes, Block Hashes 
             - Distributed& Peer to Peer Technologies 
             - Digital Tokens o Smart Contracts 
             - Bitcoin Mining 

  • Authorization & Authentication
  • Security

Module 3: Benefits of Blockchain – Myths & Facts 

  • Value of Blockchain
  • Value of Smart Contracts
  • Role & Value of Digital Tokens
  • Common misconceptions about Blockchain
  • Limitations

Module 4: Use Cases 

  • When is it appropriate or not appropriate to use Blockchain

             - Digital Wallets & Payment Systems 
             - Money Transfers 
             - Transaction Tracking & Management 
             - Record Keeping 
             - Asset Management 
             - Financial Settlements 
             - Securities Transactions 
             - Contracts 

Module 5: Industry Adoption 

  • Who is using it and for what? 
  • Financial Services Industry 
  • Banking Industry 
  • Securities & Trading Industry 
  • Real Estate Industry 
  • Education 
  • Technology Industry 
  • Legal Industry 
  • Insurance 
  • Healthcare 
  • Supply Chain 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Retail 
  • Governments

Module 6: Implementation 

  • How do I get started?

             - Requirements Definition & Business Use Case 
             - Proof of Concept Development 
             - Tools & Technology Infrastructure 
             - Deployment Strategy 

  • Costs – What does it cost to use this technology

Module 7: Future of Blockchain 

  • What is its future 
  • Industry by Industry Outlook




This program contribute towards the preparation of Certified Blockchain Business Foundation (CBBF) certification.

Examination Format :
a) 70 Questions
b) 70% Pass Score
c) 90 Minutes to complete the Exam


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