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ACT82003 - Alibaba Cloud E-MapReduce


Duration: 1 day

Alibaba Cloud Elastic MapReduce (E-MapReduce) is a system solution for big data processing that runs on the Alibaba Cloud platform. E-MapReduce is built on Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and is based on open-source Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark. It facilitates the use of other peripheral systems (for example, Apache Hive) in the Hadoop and Spark ecosystems to analyze and process data. You can also easily import data to and export data from other cloud data storage systems and database systems, such as Alibaba Cloud OSS and Alibaba Cloud RDS.


  • Understand the advantages (cost, performance, resilience) of Hadoop applications on Alibaba Cloud
  • Understand the migration process and application of Hadoop from traditional Hadoop to Alibaba Cloud EMR
  • Get hands-on opportunities of Alibaba Cloud EMR


Data Developers and Engineers Based on Hadoop, that are Looking for a similar solution in Alibaba Cloud.


  • Distributed systems principles and Hadoop
  • Improvement of EMR over open source Hadoop
  • Data integration & development on EMR
  • Hands-on: Run MapReduce / Hive /Spark job on EMR
  • Competitive analysis
  • Solutions and Pricing Policy





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