ATC-RJV - REST API, JSON, Visual Studio Codes

API (Application Programming Interface) endpoints are the connections between your application and the rest of the developer community. In this course you will learn about writing secure, developer-friendly APIs that will make your back-end application thrive and keep your users happy.

The JSON format is used for transmitting and serializing structured data in a network connection.

Duration: 5.0 days

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  • About the REST APIs
  • All REST Endpoints
  • Applinks
        o Create File Applink

  • Catalog
        o Get All Versions
        o Get API Catalog
        o Get Applink API Catalog
        o Get Collection API Catalog
        o Get Configuration API Catalog
        o Get File API Catalog
        o Get Folder API Catalog
        o Get Metadata API Catalog
        o Get Public Links API Catalog
        o Get Share API Catalog
        o Get Sites API Catalog
        o Get Specific Version
        o Get Templates API Catalog
        o Get User API Catalog

  • Collections
        o Add a List of Assets to a Collection 
        o Add an Asset to a Collection
        o Create a Collection
        o Delete a Collection
        o Remove a List of Assets from a Collection
        o Remove an Asset from a Collection
        o Retrieve a List of Collections

  • Configuration
        o Get CDN Configuration
        o Get Collaboration Configuration
        o Get Email Notification Configuration
        o Set Email Notification Configuration

  • Files oAssign a Metadata Collection to a File
        o Assign Values to a File Metadata Collection
        o Copy File
        o Create File Conversation
        o Delete All File Tags
        o Delete Custom Rendition
        o Delete File
        o Delete Values in File Metadata Collection
        o Download File
        o Edit File
        o Edit File Tags
        o Generate File Renditions
        o Get File Accesses
        o Get File Assigned Metadata Collections
        o Get File HTML5 Preview
        o Get File Information
        o Get File Metadata Collection
        o Get File Tags
        o Get File Versions
        o Get Information on Multiple Files
        o Get Rendition
        o Get Rendition Page Count
        o Get Responsive Large Image
        o Get Responsive Medium Image
        o Get Responsive Small Image
        o Get Responsive Thumbnail Image
        o Get Thumbnail
        o List Renditions
        o Move File
        o Reserve File
        o Set File Tags
        o Unreserve File
        o Upload Custom Rendition oUpload File
        o Upload File Version

  • Folders
        o Assign a Metadata Collection to a Folder
        o Assign Values to a Folder Metadata Collection
        o Copy Folder
        o Create Folder
        o Create Folder Conversation
        o Delete All Folder Tags
        o Delete Folder
        o Delete Values in a Folder Metadata Collection
        o Edit Folder
        o Edit Folder Tags
        o Get Folder
        o Get Folder Assigned Metadata Collections
        o Get Folder Metadata Collection
        o Get Folder Tags
        o Get Home Folder Contents
        o Get Information on Multiple Folders
        o Get Specific Folder Contents
        o Move Folder
        o Search Folders or Files
        o Search Folders or Files Under Specific Folder ID
        o Set Folder Tags

  • Metadata Collection 
  • Publiclinks 
  • Shares 
  • Sites 
  • Templates 
  • Users 
  • JSON – Introduction 
  • Overview 
  • Syntax 
  • Data Types 
  • Objects 
  • Comparison 
  • Examples 
  • JSON with PHP 
  • JSON with AJAX 
  • Download and install VS Code. 
  • Create a new file. 
  • See an overview of the user interface. 
  • Install support for your favourite programming language. 
  • Change your keyboard shortcuts and easily migrate from other editors using key binding extensions 
  • Customize your editor with themes. 
  • Explore VS Code features in the Interactive Editor Playground.


QA engineers, testers and test developers involved in testing software and web service APIs


This course assumes you have experience working with the Flask web development framework, SQL Alchemy, and understand the basics of OAuth 2.0.


Trainocate Certificate of Attendance

Course Benefits

  • Career growth
  • Broad Career opportunities
  • Worldwide recognition from leaders
  • Up-to Date technical skills
  • Popular Certification Badges

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